Did breakfast eat white?

Did breakfast eat white?

Know the seven mistakes of breakfast

Did breakfast eat white?
Know the seven mistakes of breakfast

Get up early in the morning and eat a lot of people who are used to getting up early. After getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning, they will eat breakfast immediately. They think that this can replenish their body in time, and it is also beneficial for the body to absorb.

But in fact, breakfast is too early to eat, not only is not good for health, but also may hurt the stomach.

Health experts pointed out that most people in the body have a rest during the night’s sleep, but the digestive organs usually need to digest and absorb the dinner food, usually do not enter the rest state until the early morning, if the breakfast is too early, it will affectThe rest of the gastrointestinal tract will damage the rehabilitation function in the long run.

While walking, eating a lot of people did not have time to make breakfast in the morning, used to buy breakfast while walking on the side of the road, manual movements, and the whole family was rushed in the morning, especially when the residence was far from the unit, the breakfast was often solved on the road.At the door, near the bus station, sell buns, tea eggs, meat clips, pancakes and other foods.

Eating while walking is not good for gastrointestinal health and is not conducive to digestion and absorption; in addition, street foods often have health problems that may be ill.

Just eat fruit “only eat fruit in the morning, eat as much as you can”. Nutrition experts do not agree, because the fruit does not contain protein and a small amount, can not provide the nutrients necessary to maintain normal metabolism of the human body.

In addition, fruits such as persimmons, tomatoes, and bananas cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. Eating on an empty stomach will increase the burden on the stomach.

“No meat is not happy” Many people scream “I don’t want to eat meat and are hungry. If you are hungry, there is no mental work.” Experts suggest that you should not eat too much greasy disappointment in the morning. You can choose some large amounts of light food.

Drinking cold drinks in the morning, the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the human body are still in a state of contraction. If you eat cold food at this time, the blood flow in the body will be made more unsmooth.

Maybe at the beginning, you don’t feel any discomfort in the stomach, but after a long time, you will find that the stool is always sparse, or the skin is getting worse, or the throat is always faint, not cold, often cold, smallThe problem is constant, which is hurting the stomach and hurting the body’s resistance.

Therefore, when eating breakfast, do not drink frozen vegetable juice, iced coffee, ice milk, etc., should accept hot porridge, bread, sandwiches, hot cereal, hot milk, hot soy milk, etc., and then eat vegetables, fruits and so on.

Snacks When breakfast is usually hungry to eat some biscuits, chocolate and other snacks can be used but the snacks are placed in the three most important meals every day, it is very unscientific.

Most of the snacks are dry foods, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption for the human body in the semi-dehydrated state in the morning, and the main raw material cereals such as biscuits can provide energy in a short period of time, but will soon cause the human body to fall into the constant noon blood sugar again.The level will drop significantly. Eating snacks at breakfast will easily lead to insufficient nutrition, which will lead to the invasion of various diseases.

Leftover meals When the meal the night before breakfast was too rich, it was a pity that I didn’t finish it, put it in the refrigerator, and got up the next day when it was hot.

Many people think that this is neither wasteful, convenient, and rich in content.

Wrong, this kind of thinking is a big mistake!

Experts pointed out that vegetables that appear to be nutritionally comprehensive leftovers may produce nitrite after eating overnight, which is harmful to human health.