Mechanism and effect of massage therapy

Mechanism and effect of massage therapy

Mechanism and effect of massage therapy

Weight loss should take comprehensive measures, first of all should change the unreasonable expected structure, eating habits; followed by physical exercise, the amount of exercise intake is small to large, step by step.

In addition, it can also be combined with massage therapy, which can promote the consumption of body heat and help to lose weight.

Massage the abdomen can increase the energy consumed, promote bowel movements, increase the number of bowel movements, reduce the absorption of nutrients by initialization, and make the excess food nutrients shift from shifting in time. This method is more acceptable than laxatives.

  The traditional medicine of the motherland believes that obesity is caused by unhealthy diet, sedentary and less moving, and seven emotions.

The first cause of a significant increase is the qi deficiency.

Generally mild patients can be asymptomatic, moderate to severe patients have less drowsiness, fatigue and weakness, difficulty in ventilation, and shortness of breath, the skin may have purple lines, sweat, and heat.

Expelling spleen and dampness, qi and phlegm, warm kidney.

Massage and weight loss is a method of weight loss according to the meridian theory in the traditional medicine of the motherland. The benefits are significant and no complications.

Massage weight loss is mainly applied to the local, such as the abdomen, buttocks, limbs, shoulders, etc., using rubbing, pinching, taking and other techniques.

For example, massage the limbs to push, take, shoot and other techniques; in the shoulders, buttocks by pressing, squatting, pushing, taking and other techniques.

Massage can promote metabolism, so that some extra traces are converted into conversion and consumed, thus reducing local slight accumulation.

It is more popular with diabetes and partial weight loss in the limbs.

Massage massage has long been familiar to people. It has the function of dredging meridians, venting blood, adjusting the functions of various organs of the human body, and has the characteristics that can be carried out in the family.

For some people who do not want to show up in the clinic, it is a good strategy to use this method to coordinate the functions of various systems in the body and lose weight and reduce fat.

  Massage reduces the accumulation of aunt’s aunt, speeds up the metabolism and absorption of the aunt, and has a high-speed effect on the digestive system, endocrine system, neurohumoral metabolism, and glucose metabolism.

As long as the symptomatic surgery, soliciting the source, massage will have a corresponding effect on excessive and weight loss.

Aunt’s tissue has few blood vessels in the gap, and the replacement of alternating manual massage can promote the regeneration of capillaries, eliminate the water in the aunt, and accelerate the “liquefaction” and utilization of the aunt’s tissue.

His technique is mainly to push and take.

Abdominal massage mainly uses rubbing, pressing, pinching, taking, combining, dividing, tapping, stabbing and other manipulations.

It can be done for about 10 minutes each time to promote the peristalsis of the intestines, the contraction of the abdominal muscles, and some slight conversion to conversion and consumption.

Regular massage can reduce the accumulation of aunts, but the effect of large abdomen caused by aunt, Cushing’s syndrome is not good.