False low-fat foods will make you eat more and more fat

False low-fat foods will make you eat more and more fat

False low-fat foods will make you eat more and more fat

Can the low-fat diet really lose weight?

Many people mistakenly believe that the best “good medicine” for low-fat foods to lose weight, but some people are more and more fat.

Xiaobian today unveiled the truth about low-fat weight loss for everyone!

  Low fat, low calorie, which means that many and many are recognized as essential factors for healthy living and weight loss.

But now the latest research shows that low-fat foods can’t help you lose weight, especially women, eating low-fat foods will eat more and more fat.

  Low-fat diet is the most common method of weight loss. Many people in the UK use this method of weight loss. It is said that this method can also reduce the prevalence of heart disease and cancer.

  But the researchers found that the Mediterranean diet is a more effective method.

Using this method to lose weight can be reduced by up to 60%.

  Dr. Ellis of the International Center for Health and Nutrition said that it is clear that no weight loss method is suitable for everyone.

  They said that their main research direction and goal is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of low-fat diet and Mediterranean diet.

  In two years, they studied 322 obese people. Alternatives used a low-fat diet to limit total metastasis. Alternatives used a Mediterranean diet that limited total metastases.The following supplements use a hypoglycemic diet that does not limit total conversion intake.

  The 322 obese people are the staff of the Nuclear Research Center. Under the supervision of spouses and canteen staff, colleagues, etc., they insisted on diet and weight loss. In the process, only a few people withdrew from the study.

  Finally, people with low-fat weight loss lost an average of 6.

5 pounds, the average person who loses weight on the Mediterranean diet loses 10 pounds, and the person who loses weight on low blood sugar loses 10.

3 pounds.

  Porter of the British Dietetic Association said that low-fat diets are generally widely respected because they also control the total amount of absorption and conversion.

No matter what weight loss method, the most basic principle is to reduce the energy of supplement.

In the process of losing weight, the place where you work is the most able to persist. Because of the supervision of colleagues, many people cannot rely on their own perseverance alone.

  Porter said that low-fat diet is generally difficult to stick to, because after a shortened, low-fat diet will make dieters feel that they have no appetite, so it is difficult to stick to it.

  As early as a month ago, the British Medical Journal reported that the loss of cancer in the Mediterranean can reduce the risk of cancer by more than 10%.

Moreover, the chance of suffering from heart disease will also be much lower.

  The most suitable diet for women and men is also different.

Men need more carbohydrates, while women need more protein.

  The nutrition required for men and women is very different, but our diet is completely similar, which may be caused by our taste and preference for food.

  Related introduction: The Mediterranean diet “Mediterranean diet” refers to the southern European countries on the Mediterranean coast, such as Greece, Spain, France and southern Italy. The food style is mainly composed of vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, beans and olive oil.
  The research data has repeatedly shown that people in the Mediterranean region have a greater chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, colon cancer, rectal cancer and other rich diseases than other European and American countries.

Even in the United States, the situation of those who adopt the “Mediterranean diet” approach fully confirms this.

It can be seen that the health of the diet is implied, for example, high in cellulose, high in vitamins, low in fat, and low in content.