[How to make cakes at home is the easiest]

[How to make cakes at home is the easiest]

[How to make cakes at home is the easiest]

Cake is a kind of food that most people like to eat because its aroma is very attractive. Many people will go out and buy some cakes when they are too lazy to cook and take them home for early breakfast, but the cakes bought outsideAll have food additives, eating too much is bad for people’s health.

So try making your own cake at home.

Today, I will take everyone to learn how to make cakes at home.


Separate the egg yolks and egg whites, and place them in two large oil-free and water-free large basins; wash the milk and four spoons of milk powder with 125ml of water.

It’s best to use liquid milk. I don’t have it, so I use milk powder instead.


Handle the egg yolks: crush the egg yolks, add sugar, milk, 25g condensed milk, vegetable oil, stir well, and melt the sugar.

Sift into flour and corn starch.

Be careful not to draw circles while stirring, but to turn up, down, left and right.


Beat the protein.

This is a hard work. If you have an electric whisk, it is best. If you don’t, you can use a manual egg beater. It will be very tiring.

If you don’t have a hand whisk, you can use three or four chopsticks to separate them.

Beat until there are rough bubbles and add the rest of the supplementary sugar.


Beat until the foam is fine and add the remaining half of sugar.


Hit the texture and add all the sugar left.


Look, does it look like cream?

It looks just fine.

To what extent is it enough?

It is enough to stir up a piece of protein and pull out a pointed triangle, and keep the tip of the triangle upright without bending.

The basin is upright and won’t slide.


Add half of the protein to the egg yolk paste, mix well and then put the other half, then stir well.

Be careful not to circle up, down, left and right while stirring, do not squeeze the protein foam off.


Press the cake key.

Remove after warming.

Take a toothpick and insert it into the cake. The end of the cake is wet and the toothpick is wet. Touching the surface of the cake is also wet and soft.Put it in the pot and heat for 15 minutes.

If the toothpick is dry, it means that the toothpick is ready, and the buckle can be eaten beautifully!

Let me show you one that needs to be processed.