The most basic diet for lung cancer suggests that lung cancer should be prevented like this

The most basic diet for lung cancer suggests that lung cancer should be prevented like this

The most basic diet for lung cancer suggests that lung cancer should be prevented like this

Lung cancer is a common tumor disease in life, but many people do not know that one of the keys to prevent lung cancer is a reasonable diet, then how to eat can prevent lung cancer?

Here are the basic dietary recommendations for preventing high blood pressure. I believe that it will be helpful to you after reading it.

Dietary advice for preventing lung cancer First, eating apples to prevent infection Apple is a fruit with very high nutritional value. It is a fruit that can reduce our prevention, so if we want to prevent lung cancer, we can eat more apples.

A study published by Finnish researchers shows that eating apples can reduce the risk of lung cancer.

They pointed out that the important anti-oxidant substances produced by the flavonoids contained in apples through metabolism are the primary means to reduce the incidence of diabetes.

Second, vitamin E supplementation to prevent liver disease and eat more foods rich in vitamin E, can effectively prevent the occurrence of lung cancer, smoking patients should also actively quit smoking, the study found that people with high vitamin E content, the probability of suffering from lung diseaseThe average person is 19% lower.

69 years old is a high-risk period for hypertension. For smokers, consider adding an appropriate amount of vitamin E.

Foods rich in vitamin E include sesame, walnut, lean meat, milk, eggs, peanuts, and lettuce.

Third, eating pig liver can also prevent lung cancer. There are many vitamin A in pig liver, and vitamin A has certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, so we usually eat some pig liver in the diet to prevent lung cancer.

Studies have shown that vitamin A has a certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect.

Vitamin A has preventive effects on animal skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

Pork liver contains a large amount of vitamin A, which is as high as 8,700 international units per 100 grams of pig liver.

What vegetables are good for preventing liver?

1, mushroom mushrooms include mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, monkey head mushrooms, etc., mainly containing polysaccharides

Scientific experiments have shown that polysaccharides have immune functions that regulate the “anti-cancer system” of the human body, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer and alleviating the symptoms of cancer patients.

2, asparagus abroad is known as the most ideal health food, listed as one of the world’s top ten famous dishes.

This product contains asparagus, asparagine, aspartic acid and a variety of carcasses and other substances, for high blood pressure, heart disease, heart rate, fatigue, edema, cystitis, dysuria and other symptoms must be effective.

3, eggplant eggplant is sweet, cool, with blood and pain, diuretic detoxification and other effects.

The main contains longanine, the content of which is more than purple pipa, animal experiments prove that this substance can inhibit cancer of the digestive system.

4, carrots and carrots have the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, detoxification and stagnation.

Carotenoids are rarely destroyed at high temperatures and are easily absorbed by the body.

People who smoke for a long time can drink half a cup of raw carrot juice every day and have a good protective effect on the lungs.

5, after the metabolism of sulfurized naphthalene in garlic garlic, it can re-insert excessive peroxidation and anti-mutation, and reduce the risk of tumors caused by the metabolism of the inserted bacteria.

Garlic is better for raw food.

Dry mouth, bloated face, dry stool and other internal heat should not eat more.

6, onion and onion have the effect of sweating and annoying, detoxification and dispersing.

The thiosulfate alkyl group contained in the onion inhibits the proliferating tumor cells.

7, tomatoes have the effect of nourishing yin and turbidity.

Lycopene is a strong antioxidant with anti-oxidative damage and anti-cancer effect.

What nutrients are better for prevention and prevention?

1, vitamin C food smoking can consume a lot of vitamins, reduce its activity, especially the loss of vitamin C in the body, so eat more vitamin C high fruits and vegetables have a certain complement; such as orange, orange, lemon, grapefruit, tomato, cherry, hawthorn, guava, pepper, strawberry, kale, cauliflower, kiwi and so on.

2, vitamin B2 foods such as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, milk, lean meat, spinach, fruit, squid, carrots, mushrooms and so on.

3, selenium-rich foods such as animal liver, seaweed and shrimp.

Because smoking is easy to cause low levels of selenium in human blood, selenium is an irreplaceable trace element for cancer prevention and cancer resistance.

4, cholesterol-lowering food smoking can increase the amount of plasma and trace deposition in the blood vessels, blood supply to the brain is reduced, easy to cause brain atrophy, accelerate brain aging and so on.

Therefore, smokers should eat less fatty acids containing saturated fatty acids in the diet, and increase foods that can reduce or inhibit the inhibition of synthesis, such as milk, fish, soy products, fruits, vegetables and so on.

5, β-carotene-containing foods to replace β-carotene alkaline foods can effectively inhibit smokers’ addiction, and have a certain effect on reducing smoking and quitting smoking.

Foods that do not contain beta-carotene include carrots, spinach, pea sprouts, alfalfa, and peppers.6, alkaline food when the human body fluid is alkaline, can reduce the absorption of nicotine by smokers.

Eat more alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, and soybeans to reduce the absorption rate of nicotine.

At the same time, these alkaline foods can also stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, increase gastrointestinal motility, and avoid the occurrence of multiple common indigestion and bloating in smokers.