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The elderly care for the first time to prevent falls

The elderly care for the first time to prevent falls

Internet and playing games have become a major factor in some male hair loss.

Among them, surfing the Internet and playing games are even more stressful than men’s hair loss, such as nervousness, number of shampoos, hair quality, etc., and the longer the average computer use per day, the more likely it is to lose hair.

  They change their hair gradually after entering puberty until old age, and some hair is receding, or the top of the head is sparse until the hair is removed, and the entire scalp hair is replaced.

  According to the data, more than 30% of the elderly over the age of 65 will fall.

  The consequences of falls are a serious threat to the health of the elderly, affecting the quality of life of the elderly, and also burdening society and families.

Therefore, prevention of falls is particularly important and is the first level of care in the elderly.

  The reasons for the fall of the elderly include decreased control of the central and peripheral nervous system, abnormal physiological information such as abnormal transformation of sensory information, decreased muscle strength, biological factors such as gait instability, and discomfort due to disease, central nervous function andPathological factors such as skeletal muscle coordination and destruction; and pharmacological factors such as sedative hypnotics, antipsychotics, antihypertensives, diabetes drugs, antiarrhythmic drugs, laxatives, muscle relaxants, vasodilators, etc.The balance of the human body caused a fall.

In addition, the fall of the elderly is also related to environmental factors such as disorder and disorder.

Because of the fear of falling, the activity of the elderly can be restricted, which in turn leads to a decrease in mobility and leads to functional defects, and the risk of falling increases.

  Since the fall of the elderly is the result of a multifaceted interaction, comprehensive preventive measures are needed.

For example, a physical examination can detect the potential of a fall, and the brakes are pre-prevented.

The living environment requires comfort and safety.

Usually, you should carefully observe the gait and balance of the elderly. If you have unstable gait and poor balance, perform a planned functional exercise to improve your muscle strength and maintain your correct posture.

Older people with at least 2 diseases should try to reduce the type of medication to minimize the substitution caused by excessive medication.

趁 younger, more sleep, careful, modern, overworked

趁 younger, more sleep, careful, modern, overworked

The word “immune system” was originally remembered from the fearful word “AIDS”, which is “immune system deficiency” in Chinese.

Although I know that the immune system is the guardian of the body, I have never thought that if it causes it, it will lead to such serious consequences.

  Now, the concept of the immune system, or immunity, has been much broader.

Scholars believe that immunity should not only be in terms of physical health, but also include mental health and good mood.

Scientists have discovered that some of the chemical components in body tissues that carry and transmit information are affected by emotions, and that cells function differently under different emotions.

In a short period of time, the decline in immunity makes you more susceptible to small illnesses; in the long run, it can cause the body to become vulnerable to serious diseases such as resistance to medical treatment.

  Relax and organize how the thought immune system works?

  The immune system is the most complex system in our body after the brain.

It helps us resist the invasion of external bacteria and viruses, and protects us from damage when cells inside the body rupture.

  Our skin, nasal mucosa and respiratory mucosa are the first line of defense.

The pathogen can even pass this line of defense, and it will immediately be blocked by B cells in white blood cells.

Antibodies made by B cells will destroy invading bacteria.

At the same time, other white blood cells, such as the T cells we infect, specifically deal with viruses, parasites and cancer cells, which use toxic chemical components to destroy harmful substances, thus ensuring the body’s bacteria.

  Relaxing and organizing your thoughts does not in itself hurt your immune system. What matters is how to cope with stress.

If you put a stress on the budget, you will be better than others.

However, if you are under pressure and feel completely disappointed and helpless, you may be seriously ill.

Through the study of each student who is about to take the exam, the scholars have found that students who regard the test as a beast and a terrible horror, the immune system’s responsiveness is suppressed; on the contrary, the test is used as an opportunity to test the degree of knowledge acquired.Its immune response is strong.

Stress increases the amount of adrenaline and cortisone secreted by the body, and these two hormones can suppress the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

Research by the National Kidney University shows that people under stress are more susceptible to disease, vaccination is weak, and wounds heal more slowly.

  Give yourself some time each night, sit back and forth and think about successful, positive and happy things in the day.

  Try to avoid phrases like “can’t”, “no” or “should not”.

Language is a very powerful tool, and languages that eliminate polar interference can interfere with positive thinking and innovative thinking.

  Firm confidence and live a good day.

Too much worry about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future will give you unwarranted pressure and consume valuable profits.

  Learn to think positively.

You can’t change your thinking activities at night, but you can rethink and face life positively.

Toon mixed with tofu, clear fire and calcium

Toon mixed with tofu, clear fire and calcium

Reasonable mix and more health fragrant scented with rich vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene and potassium, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients, is a vegetable with high nutritional value; fragrant and bitter taste, with heat and detoxification, stomach and qi, kidney and hair, emollient bodybuilding, Shugan eyesight and other multiple therapeutic effects.

In other words, eating citron can be strong and beautiful.

If the citron is properly matched with other ingredients, the health benefits of the citron can be maximized.

Scrambled eggs are the most common way to eat. Eggs are warm and rich in nutrients. They are mixed with bitter fragrant citrons to make the sexual tastes more peaceful and suitable for people of all physiques.

Therefore, the two main ingredients in this traditional dish are the very comfortable partner, which has excellent nutritional and beneficial effects.

  Of course, in addition to cooking, the citron can also be used as a staple food with flour.

For example, cut the toon, add milk, eggs, whole wheat (or buckwheat) and mix well, use a small amount of peanut starch to form a fragrant egg cake.

After the fried, the toon cake is full of aroma, nutritious and delicious.

It is completely seasonal food for healthy people, and because of too many vitamins, fiber supplements and phytochemicals, even people with diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure can taste it as early as possible.

  Fly water to remove nitrite salted citron 2?
It is also a common way to eat pickles after 3 days, but there are more nitrites in the camphor. After a few days of salting, the content of nitrite is higher.

A good way to solve this problem is to burn the citron in boiling water, so that the nitrite in the citron is dissolved in a large amount, and then add a small amount of salt and mix well, it can be safely absorbed.

Toon is generally not to be marinated for a few days and then eaten. It is best to mix it now, so the operation is very reduced, and the natural flavor of the toon is preserved.

  Some people who drink tofu with clear tofu and calcium supplements (male) have a hot body, work pressure, and easy to get angry. If you use the above method to treat the tofu with cold tofu, there is a therapeutic effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying.

This dish is a combination of white and green, refreshing and refreshing, and promotes appetite. It is a delicious alternative to any meal in the morning, middle and evening.

The high content of calcium in tofu mixed with tofu is an effective way to supplement calcium.

The human body guarantees too much calcium, can calm emotions, and calm down, otherwise it is easy to be excited, panic, students facing the entrance examination and college entrance examination, can replace this tofu mixed with tofu.

Choosing plastic shoes is not cautious, dermatitis upper body

Choosing plastic shoes is not cautious, dermatitis upper body

In summer, people like to wear sandals and slippers made of plastic, mainly plastics, which are light and cool, and have the characteristics of both rain and rain.

But what harm does plastic shoes have to the human body?

  Some people wearing this kind of shoes are prone to “plastic allergies” and cause dermatitis.

At this point, immediately stop wearing plastic shoes, put on shoes, and use some anti-allergic drugs to treat, dermatitis will soon heal.

  How to prevent the foot disease caused by plastic shoes?


People with “foot” are better to wear and then wear plastic shoes.


When buying plastic shoes, you should buy ventilation and ventilation styles, such as narrower belts and most exposed toes.


It is best to keep the shoes dry as much as possible in plastic shoes.

Some people think that it is very convenient to use plastic shoes for both rain and rain. Therefore, after wearing shoes, they often like to wash with water and then walk in wet clothes. This kind of surrounding environment is easy to create a favorable place for bacteria to breed and cause skin infection.


If you wear socks, you should choose a more breathable socks to prevent too much suffocation and infection.


It is necessary to insist on washing your feet every day. After washing, dry it with a dry towel, especially the seams of the toes.

Dry autumn and dry throat sore throat, add it in the hot water, let you clear the liver and eyesight comfortable winter!

Dry autumn and dry throat sore throat, add it in the hot water, let you clear the liver and eyesight comfortable winter!

In the autumn dry and dry, foggy climate, “drinking hot water” is correct. If you add it in hot water, you can make your liver clear and comfortable, and enjoy the winter!

Here Xiaoxiao recommended a good thing to everyone – chrysanthemum.

There are many kinds of white chrysanthemums in health care, but not all chrysanthemums have medicinal value. How do we choose?

Experts believe that there are three commonly used medicine chrysanthemums: wild chrysanthemum, small yellow chrysanthemum, and white chrysanthemum.

Wild chrysanthemum clearing heat, purging fire, detoxification, external use effect is better; Huang Ju main liver and distracting heat; white chrysanthemum main liver and eyesight, Pinggan Yangyang, cough and gasp caused by dry season, cold fever, low immunityVery good relief effect.

Therefore, health care preferred white chrysanthemum.

Hang Baiju, not surnamed Hang often misunderstood the origin of “Hangbaiju” in Hangzhou, but in fact, Hangzhou Baixiang of Zhejiang Tongxiang is the most authentic.

Tongxiang Hangbai Chrysanthemum petals are as white as jade, and the flower is yellow as pure gold. The color is elegant and sweet, and it is sweet and cool.

Tongxiang is located in the north of Zhejiang Province and is affiliated to Jiaxing City. It is located in the water network plain and has fertile land.

The local cultivation of Chrysanthemum has been more than 800 years old. In order to maintain its medicinal properties, the chrysanthemists here still adhere to the oldest cultivation, harvesting and processing methods.

Good geographical advantage and diligent chrysanthemum make this land give birth to the most powerful place of Chrysanthemum, and also make Chrysanthemum a geographical business card of Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, and widely praised in Chinese medicine, in healthy food.The field is also widely used.

The small chrysanthemum has 6 functions. The chrysanthemum has been used since ancient times, and its medical value is remarkable. It can be used as a flower tea, and it is suitable for soup and fried food.

Now Xiaogu introduces the six functions of Hangbaiju for everyone: 1. The eye-protecting white chrysanthemum is rich in fleshy taste, sweet and sweet, and famous for raising liver and eyesight. It is especially suitable for making tea.

Can you choose Chrysanthemum 5?
10 grams, re-placed with boiling water, is the eye protection of office workers who are accompanied by computers all day long.

If the eyes are dry, you can also add 10 grams of brewing.


The flower bud that is not open to the scorpion scented white chrysanthemum is called the fetal chrysanthemum. It is called the top grade. It has a golden color and is pure and intense.

Picking up the fetal chrysanthemum 5?
10 grams, half a mangosteen, brewed with boiling water for tea, you can clear the heat and lungs.

This tea is suitable for sore throat, cough and asthma crowd, teachers, tour guides, salesmen and other professional people pointed out by the usual speech can be accepted.


Hypoglycemic chrysanthemum, also known as “Yangshouhua”, has long been used for blood and light, and has a long history; recent research has found that when the body takes too high a high blood pressure, some of the debris in the chrysanthemum can be rapidly metabolized and metabolized.Prevent health problems such as high blood fat.

Hangbaiju with cholesterol-lowering hawthorn is an ideal health drink for the elderly. Choose 15 grams of Chrysanthemum morifolium, 20 grams of raw hawthorn, and brew with water or boiling water for about 10 minutes.


Relieve the effects of cold chrysanthemums and evacuation of wind and clear yang, which can alleviate headaches caused by wind-heat and cold, sore throat and pain.

Pick up 5 grams of Chrysanthemum, 3 grams of green tea, boiled in water, drink on behalf of tea.


Reducing headaches Chrysanthemum tea has a strong aroma and refreshing effect. It has a certain effect on relieving neuropathic headache, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms, eliminating irritability and fatigue.


Slowly picking the chrysanthemum 5?
10 grams, add water and cook for 30 minutes, add appropriate amount of honey after filtration, stir well and put in.

This tea has the functions of thirst, thirst and intestines.

Constipation, people with red eyes and swelling can be eaten properly.

The lamb will only be stewed with radish, so that the stewed lamb is more nourishing, and the first choice for winter health

The lamb will only be stewed with radish, so that the stewed lamb is more nourishing, and the first choice for winter health

It is said that Sanjiu has a winter, and there is no disease in the coming year. However, the mutton is said to eat lamb in autumn and winter, and to play tigers in the spring of next year.

In the words of the boss who sold the lamb, I immediately bought two pounds of lamb.

Generally, lamb is served with a radish stew, but there is a more nourishing medicated soup.

This medicated soup is the yam and angelica stewed mutton. It is good for tonic, warm and warm, and it is also a good substitute for resisting the cold in winter.

The practice of yam and angelica stewed lamb is not complicated. Just wait a little while and wait.

The meat below will share its practice.

Ingredients: about 400 grams of mutton, about 200 grams of yam, 10 grams of angelica, onion ginger, salt, pepper.

Practice: 1. After the mutton is cut into pieces, pass the water and remove the floating foam.

2, pour the oil in the pot, sauté the ginger slices and shallots, and sauté the mutton.

After frying the scent, add the right amount of sheep soup (the sheep soup is sent when you buy the mutton, add the water without the sheep broth) 3, change the pot, pour the mutton and soup into the sand simmer, put the sliced yam section, angelica tablets.

4, after the fire is boiled, turn into a small fire, stew for about 1 hour on low heat, add the appropriate amount of salt and pepper to taste after the whitening of the soup.

I feel that lamb is slower than beef, so wait slowly in time.

The stew does not require a lot of seasoning, as long as the onion ginger is enough.

The mutton soup that puts the angelica is very fragrant, eats mutton soup, supplements the blood, and warms the stomach, which is much better than the stewed radish.

Angelica has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, relieving laxativeness, and regulating menstruation and relieving pain.

Yam has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and relieving the lungs and relieving cough.

Mutton has the effect of warming the spleen and stomach, supplementing the blood and warming the blood, and replenishing the liver.

This medicated soup combination can achieve the effect of double blood and blood.

If you have time, try this medicated soup with qi and blood!

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Explain the most common Chinese herbal medicines for weight loss

Explain the most common Chinese herbal medicines for weight loss

Perhaps the current body makes ta very unconfident; or ta’s body has not yet achieved the best state, so many people will resolutely choose to lose weight.

However, nowadays, various weight-loss methods are everywhere, and it is difficult for us to choose a safer and more reliable way to lose weight.

There is no side effect of Chinese medicine to lose weight, to some extent, the dieter can be assured.

Here we will introduce the common Chinese herbal medicines for weight loss: Hawthorn Hawthorn, also known as “Mountain Red”, “Rouge”, which has high nutritional and medicinal value.

In addition to fresh food, Hawthorn can be made into hawthorn slices, fruit bark, hawthorn cake, red jam, preserved fruit, hawthorn wine and so on.

Hawthorn and Hawthorn fruit are the most common and popular varieties.

  Cassia Cassia is the mature seed of the cassia cassia, also known as Cassia.

“Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” records cassia seed bitterness and bitterness, returning to the liver, gallbladder, kidney three classics, with clear liver and eyesight, laxative, lipid-lowering function, can be used for dizziness, dizziness, constipation, etc.Chronic clinical use for the treatment of hypertension.

  A fungus that is parasitic on the roots of pine trees, shaped like sweet potato, with a dark brown outer skin and white or pink inside.

Chinese medicine is used as medicine, which has diuretic and sedative effects.

The drug is a dried sclerotium of the Polyporaceae fungus, which is parasitic on the roots of Pinus massoniana or Pinus densiflora.

  Spirulina spirulina is a class of lower plants belonging to the cyanobacteria family.

Like bacteria, they have no real nuclei in cells, so they are also called cyanobacteria.

The cyanobacteria’s cellular structure is primitive and very simple. It is the first photosynthetic organism on Earth and has survived for 35 billion years on this planet.

  The dried tangerine peel is a dry and ripe peel of the citrus plant orange and its cultivar.

The medicinal materials are divided into “Chenpi” and “Guangchenpi”.

Pick ripe fruit, peel off the peel, dry or dry at low temperature.

Sexually bitter, spicy, warm.

Return to the lungs, spleen.

Function qi and spleen, dampness and phlegm.

For the chest fullness, eat less vomiting and diarrhea, cough more.

  The above is a detailed introduction to the Chinese herbal medicine for weight loss. Warm reminder, Chinese medicine can not be lost once and for all. To get the ideal body, we must cooperate with reasonable diet and proper exercise in daily life.

Old people’s home slippers are very particular about


Old people’s home slippers are very particular about

In order to easily and maintain indoor hygiene, many people return home from the outside, immediately throw away the shoes worn all day, and put on a pair of loose and comfortable slippers.

However, for those who are 70 or 80 years old, loose slippers are likely to cause some accidents.

  The reason for this is to start with the special design of the slippers.

Older hospital doctors believe that the slippers are loose, the soles are generally longer than the soles of the feet, and the old ones wear them, it is difficult to be as secure and heeled as the shoes tied to the feet.

In addition, the slippers are mostly flat and flat, so when wearing slippers, the soles of the feet must be pressed firmly against the soles to walk normally.

Moreover, flat shoes can increase the pressure on the feet, which can affect blood circulation or cause fatigue in the feet due to nervous tension.

If there is long-term compression and friction, it is also easy to cause skin damage, especially for people with diabetes and diabetes, it is difficult to cure after skin damage.

  In order to disperse the pressure on the soles of the feet, it is best to choose a pair of slippers with a heel of 2-3 cm, or simply wear a pair of shoes, because the padded heel can reduce the pressure on the arch and thus protect it.

  When choosing slippers, the elderly should not be too loose or too tight.

The length is just as good as the plug, not too long.

The material of the sole should also be considered. The friction between the plastic and the ground is small and it is easy to slip, so it is best to choose the bottom of the cloth.

  It should be noted that some elderly people with obesity or high blood pressure should choose a pair of shoes.

The difference between the white dew and the temperature should always give the kidneys a boost.

The difference between the white dew and the temperature should always give the kidneys a boost.

. 搓 泡 养 养 养 养 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家
Therefore, Bai Lu must always give the kidneys a boost, that is, nourish the kidneys.
Stick to the feet at night, soak in warm water, the water should not have an ankle, the time is 15 to 30 minutes, the middle can gradually warm the water, soaking the body to the slightest heat, the feet and the waist while hot,肾开窍于耳,而且耳朵有密集的反射区,联系着全身每一个器官,所以 常搓揉耳朵是一种很好的养生方法。 After soaking the feet, do the homework of the kidney, the waist is the house of the kidney, the waist is the home of the kidney, and the kidney is warmed by the temperature, so we should always lick a waist, don’t let it freeze.
Sit on the bed, the feet are opposite, the two feet of the heart is the starting point of the kidney meridian, so that you can connect the kidney, then hold the muscles of the calf with both hands, turn it out slightly, let the hands hold as much as possibleThe calf muscles are massaged outwards and upwards. Repeatedly, the muscles of the whole calf are turned from top to bottom, from bottom to top until the calves are hot.
After the white dew, the amount of exercise and exercise intensity can be increased more than in summer. You can choose jogging, tai chi, gymnastics, basketball, badminton, guidance, etc., to sweat out but not tired, which helps the body to qi and blood.Smooth.
白露温差大注重耐寒锻炼 “白露”时节,大气环流开始调整,由夏半年的夏季风逐渐调整为冬半年的冬季风,北方地区冷空气的侵入也逐渐频繁,加之太阳直射地面的位置南移,北半球The sunshine time is getting shorter and shorter, the daylight intensity is weakened during the day, and the ground radiation is accelerated at night, which causes the temperature to drop.
Experts said that “Bailu” is the biggest solar energy balance between day and night throughout the year. The general temperature difference between day and night is around 10 °C.
It is necessary to pay attention to exercise and achieve “six defenses”:
Anti-autumn cold.
Pay attention to exercise and exercise hard.
To prevent colds, we must pay attention to the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.
Anti-gastrointestinal disease, after the fall, be careful to eat some things like melons, fruits and the like.
For example, we can eat a little black-bone chicken soup, honey, sesame seeds, peanuts and the like.
Anti-obesity, when the weather turns cold, the appetite is good, the appetite is greatly increased, and the diet is often too much.
Anti-injury, we still have to keep exercising during the autumn season, and we should prevent colds, sports injuries and excessive exercise during exercise.

To create a devil, you must eat 14 kinds of food.

To create a devil, you must eat 14 kinds of food.

The woman’s dream of the body is to shape the devil.

In fact, food can also help you a lot, you don’t have to push yourself down the plastic sea!


In addition to rich in vitamins a, b1 and b2, seaweed seaweed is rich in cellulose and minerals, which helps to remove waste from the body and accumulate water, thus gaining the effect of skinny legs.


The linseed oleic acid contained in sesame and sesame seeds can remove the plasma attached to the blood vessels, making the metabolism better, and it is easier to lose weight.


Banana bananas are high in calories, but they are very low in trace amounts, and they are rich in potassium, full and low in fat, which can reduce the accumulation of adults in the lower body. It is an ideal food for weight loss.


Apple apples contain a unique malic acid that accelerates metabolism and reduces the aunt’s aunt, and it contains more calcium than other fruits, reducing the saltiness of annoying lower body edema.


The stone acid component contained in red bean red beans can increase the peristalsis of the large intestine, promote urination and reduce constipation, thereby removing the lower body.


Papaya Papaya has a unique proteolytic enzyme that removes the cockroaches that accumulate in the lower body due to the consumption of meat, and the pectin contained in papaya meat is an excellent colonizer to reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower body.

(Other effects: papaya juice can enhance immunity) 7.

Watermelon Watermelon It is a diuretic expert in fruit. It can reduce the excess water left in the body, and its sugar content will not cause fat.


The vitamin b2 in the egg helps to remove the slightness. In addition, it contains niacin and vitamin b1 to remove the fat from the lower body.


Grapefruit grapefruit everyone knows that grapefruit has a very low calorie, and it will not be fat if it is eaten. However, it is also rich in potassium, which helps to reduce the accumulation of water in the lower body.


Spinach spinach because it can promote blood circulation, so that the legs farthest from the heart can absorb enough nutrients, balance metabolism, detoxification stovepipe is easy.


Celery celery celery contains a lot of calcium, which can make up the “foot bone strength”. It also contains potassium, which can reduce the water accumulation in the lower body.


Peanuts and peanuts are rich in vitamin b2 and niacin, which can bring excellent protein, long meat is not long fat, and secondly can eliminate the lower body fat.


In addition to vitamin C, its kiwifruit kiwifruit is also rich in fiber, which can increase the speed of decomposing aunts and avoiding the accumulation of too many aunts in the legs.


Tomatoes eat fresh tomatoes can diuretic and remove leg fatigue, reduce the problem of edema, if it is raw, the effect is better.