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What is the most beneficial for spring diet?

What is the most beneficial for spring diet?

Spring diet should raise Yang: Yang refers to the human body yang, which refers to the function of the human body.

  It is necessary to eat some food that moisturizes and supplements the body’s yang, so that the body’s yang can be enriched. Only in this way can the body’s resistance be increased and the evil spirits based on wind and evil be attacked on the human body. Therefore, some special odors are recommended in life.Foods such as leeks, garlic, and onions.

  The leeks are evergreen all year round and are available for human consumption all year round. However, it is best to eat spring leeks, causing people to often say: “Amaranth spring food, summer food smell.

“Spring climate is different, it needs to raise yang, and the amaranth is warm, the most suitable for human yang, the motherland medicine also believes that the human liver gas is prone to spring, which affects the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, can enhance the spleen and stomach of the human body.From this point of view, it is most suitable to eat leeks in the spring. Because the leeks are not easy to digest, they have to eat too much at a time.

  Garlic: Eat more garlic in spring, in addition to because of its temperature, it can also supplement the body’s yang, and it also has a strong bactericidal power, which has a certain effect on the cold caused by bacteria, so spring should eat more garlic, garlic alsoIt has the effects of promoting metabolism, increasing appetite, and preventing atherosclerosis and hypertension.

  Onions: Eat more green onions in the spring, which can not only supplement the yang, but also contain the bactericidal effect of onion and garlic.

Eating more onions can induce blood cells to produce interferon, enhance the body’s immune function, and improve anti-cancer ability.

Did breakfast eat white?

Know the seven mistakes of breakfast

Did breakfast eat white?
Know the seven mistakes of breakfast

Get up early in the morning and eat a lot of people who are used to getting up early. After getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning, they will eat breakfast immediately. They think that this can replenish their body in time, and it is also beneficial for the body to absorb.

But in fact, breakfast is too early to eat, not only is not good for health, but also may hurt the stomach.

Health experts pointed out that most people in the body have a rest during the night’s sleep, but the digestive organs usually need to digest and absorb the dinner food, usually do not enter the rest state until the early morning, if the breakfast is too early, it will affectThe rest of the gastrointestinal tract will damage the rehabilitation function in the long run.

While walking, eating a lot of people did not have time to make breakfast in the morning, used to buy breakfast while walking on the side of the road, manual movements, and the whole family was rushed in the morning, especially when the residence was far from the unit, the breakfast was often solved on the road.At the door, near the bus station, sell buns, tea eggs, meat clips, pancakes and other foods.

Eating while walking is not good for gastrointestinal health and is not conducive to digestion and absorption; in addition, street foods often have health problems that may be ill.

Just eat fruit “only eat fruit in the morning, eat as much as you can”. Nutrition experts do not agree, because the fruit does not contain protein and a small amount, can not provide the nutrients necessary to maintain normal metabolism of the human body.

In addition, fruits such as persimmons, tomatoes, and bananas cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. Eating on an empty stomach will increase the burden on the stomach.

“No meat is not happy” Many people scream “I don’t want to eat meat and are hungry. If you are hungry, there is no mental work.” Experts suggest that you should not eat too much greasy disappointment in the morning. You can choose some large amounts of light food.

Drinking cold drinks in the morning, the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the human body are still in a state of contraction. If you eat cold food at this time, the blood flow in the body will be made more unsmooth.

Maybe at the beginning, you don’t feel any discomfort in the stomach, but after a long time, you will find that the stool is always sparse, or the skin is getting worse, or the throat is always faint, not cold, often cold, smallThe problem is constant, which is hurting the stomach and hurting the body’s resistance.

Therefore, when eating breakfast, do not drink frozen vegetable juice, iced coffee, ice milk, etc., should accept hot porridge, bread, sandwiches, hot cereal, hot milk, hot soy milk, etc., and then eat vegetables, fruits and so on.

Snacks When breakfast is usually hungry to eat some biscuits, chocolate and other snacks can be used but the snacks are placed in the three most important meals every day, it is very unscientific.

Most of the snacks are dry foods, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption for the human body in the semi-dehydrated state in the morning, and the main raw material cereals such as biscuits can provide energy in a short period of time, but will soon cause the human body to fall into the constant noon blood sugar again.The level will drop significantly. Eating snacks at breakfast will easily lead to insufficient nutrition, which will lead to the invasion of various diseases.

Leftover meals When the meal the night before breakfast was too rich, it was a pity that I didn’t finish it, put it in the refrigerator, and got up the next day when it was hot.

Many people think that this is neither wasteful, convenient, and rich in content.

Wrong, this kind of thinking is a big mistake!

Experts pointed out that vegetables that appear to be nutritionally comprehensive leftovers may produce nitrite after eating overnight, which is harmful to human health.

Food is more nutritious!

(Recommended for winter health desserts)

Food is more nutritious!
(Recommended for winter health desserts)

There are always a lot of things in the world that seem to be “a natural pair, a perfect match.”

For example, the table is equipped with a chair, the pen is equipped with paper, the green leaves are safflower, and the mobile phone is equipped with a finger

The same is true for food. Many foods don’t look special, but if they are well matched, they are delicious and good for the body.

Today, let’s see how these foods are more nutritious and delicious!

The staple food matching skill 1, the thickness and the mix, the grain and bean mixed food such as two-meter noodle cake (standard powder, one-half of each cornmeal), mung bean millet porridge, sesame paste flower roll, sweet potato porridge.

2, grain and vegetable, the most common combination of grain and fruit is pumpkin rice, carrot rice, if combined with some fruits, such as red dates, lotus seeds, chestnuts or nuts, and even increase the vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids in the staple food,Also meaningful staple food has a flavor.

3, the staple food and wheat with oats, buckwheat, buckwheat and other protein, trace, B vitamins, calcium, zinc and other nutrients are higher than wheat flour, and some ingredients have lipid-lowering and other health effects.

Such as buckwheat, polenta, barley, sorghum rice porridge, buckwheat, home-made cake of standard powder.

4, the food and vegetables with rice is good with vegetarian dishes, such as rapeseed rice.

5, rice noodles mixed with daily supplements using rice, the method of mixed eating is more scientific.

7 common foods with 1, sesame and kelp put them together to cook, can make beauty, anti-aging effect.

Because sesame can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism, linoleic acid has the function of regulating plasma, and vitamin E can prevent aging.

Kelp contains calcium and iodine, which can purify the blood.

Promote the synthesis of thyroxine, the two are combined and the effect is doubled.

2, pig liver with spinach pig liver, spinach have the function of blood, one by one, complement each other, the miraculous effect on the treatment of anemia.

3, beef with potato beef has high nutritional value and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

But the beef is rough, sometimes it destroys the stomach mucosa, and the potatoes are cooked together. Not only is it delicious, but the potatoes are rich in vitamins, which can protect the gastric mucosa.

4, lily with eggs have nourishing yin and moistening, clear heart and soothe the effect, Chinese medicine believes that lily clear water, tonic loss, and egg yolk can remove the annoyance, yin blood, while adding sugar conditioning, the effect is better.

5, mutton with ginger and mutton to make warm Yang, ginger to keep warm and warm, match each other, warm up and warm, but also drive evil, causing cold and abdominal pain.

  6, duck with yam can not only add body water and yin, thus eliminating heat and cough.

The power of yam is stronger, and it is accompanied by duck meat, which can eliminate greasy and better lungs.

 7, meat with garlic as the saying goes: “eat meat without garlic, nutrition halved”, this is a scientific reason, scientifically speaking, meat and garlic should indeed accompany and eat.

The sweet white ear pear soup, which is suitable for winter health, has the reputation of “the crown of bacteria”.

Sexual, sweet, light, non-toxic.

It is not only a valuable nutritious and nourishing product, but also a tonic for strengthening and strengthening.

The same white food, white fungus is more mellow, more suitable for people with cold body or poor stomach than Sydney, and at the same time it is beneficial to clear the intestines.

Of course, it can also be stewed into a white fungus Sydney soup with Sydney.

  Ingredients: white fungus, fresh pear, rock sugar, fruit sand machine, water, wolfberry, walnut, etc. (can be matched).

  Practice: put the white fungus into the container; cut the small pieces into the container; put a large piece of rock sugar into the container; add water into the container; use the fruit sand machine until it is broken; pour into the prepared heating pot and put in the white fungusLet the soup have visible white fungus, after chewing the head; first boil the fire, then slowly simmer on a small fire, about 3 minutes; put the cooked walnuts and peanuts more delicious.

Hawthorn Hawthorn is a sweet and sour appetizing dessert. The entrance has the flavor of hawthorn. The fresh lotus root has a crisp and unforgettable feeling.

The nutritional value of alfalfa is very high. It can ingest trace elements such as iron and calcium. The content of plant protein, vitamins and starch is also very rich. It has obvious replenishing qi and blood and enhances the body’s immunity.

  Ingredients: 1 lotus root, 50 grams of hawthorn, 50 grams of rock sugar, 1 gram of salt.

  Practice: Wash fresh hawthorn, put in the pot, add rock sugar; add 1 cup of water, boil over high heat, boil for 30 minutes or so; in the process of boiling hawthorn, wash the lotus root, peel and cut thin slices;Boil the water, add the scallions and simmer for two minutes; cook the broth until the broth is thick, turn off the heat, add the salt, turn to the hawthorn sauce; remove the scallions and drain the water, let cool, add the cooked hawthorn sauce,Stir well and serve.

Sugar cane red jujube longan sweet soup sugar cane red jujube longan sweet soup, is also a kind of syrup which has the functions of warming up, detoxification and blood.

Recently, sugar cane is on the market, except for the snacks that are hard to bite when eating fruits and snacks. You can leave a combination of glutinous rice, red dates and longan, and cook a pot of cane red dates and longan sweet soup.

These are the most common ingredients, to avoid waste, and cheap and easy to obtain, is a good soup to resist cold, prevent colds, clear away heat and detoxification.  Materials: sugar cane, red dates, longan meat, rock sugar.

  Practice: soak the longan meat, red dates with clear water, and then soften the red dates to cut into small pieces.

The longan meat is washed away with impurities and torn into small pieces.

Sugar cane cut into small pieces.

Add the sugar cane segment, red jujube meat, and longan to a clean pot.

Add all the ingredients without adding water. After boiling, turn to low heat and continue to cook for about 20 minutes. Add the right amount of rock sugar to taste.

Sydney glutinous rice glutinous rice has the function of nourishing blood and nourishing muscles. It is cooked with glutinous rice, white fungus and glutinous rice. It is especially suitable for clearing heat and moistening the lungs when the body is cold in winter.

And use the hollowed out Sydney to make the soup, even if the soup is more authentic, and it is also a particularly pleasing winter dessert!

  Ingredients: 2 Sydney, 1 glutinous rice, glutinous rice, Fritillaria, Citrus, 25 grams of white fungus, cucumber and cherry crushed each.

Rock sugar water.

  Method: Wash the glutinous rice, fritillary, and white fungus separately, put the glutinous rice and the fritillary into the bowl, steam in the steamer, then put the white fungus into the bowl, add water, steam in the steamerCooked.

It was peeled and washed, and cut into small Ding with Fritillaria.

Catch the water into the water, remove it and let it cool.

Wash the diced cucumber.

Wash the pears, cross-cut to 1/5 to cover, use a small spoon to dig the pear meat, steam the shell, and pear the juice to the residue.

Put all the ingredients in the pears.

Mix the squeezed pear juice with mineral water and rock sugar, then pour it into the pear.

Yam purple rice dumplings are rich in antioxidants, and the content of vitamins and minerals is two or three times that of white rice.

Regular consumption of yam can improve the body’s immunity.

Moreover, yam has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney.

The kidney is the congenital, the spleen tube is digested and absorbed by the human body. It is called the essence of the day after tomorrow. The yam will be congenital and acquired at the same time, and it has the most special effect in the foods with the same medicine and food.

  Ingredients: half a catty of fresh yam, 1 cup of red beans, 1 and a half of platycodon grandiflorum, 1 cup of purple glutinous rice, 1 money epimedium, small dumplings and crystal sugar.

  Practice: Wash the yam peeled, cut into small pieces, and soak for about 1 hour with water.

Put the platycodon into the medicine bag, then put it with the red bean and purple glutinous rice in the pot, boil it on high heat, boil it and turn it into a small fire. After cooking, put the yam in the pot and cook for another 5 minutes.Finally, add the right amount of rock sugar and cooked dumplings, you can eat.

Ginger smashed milk and ginger milk tastes sweet and smooth, sweet and slightly spicy, with unique flavor and warm stomach heat.

Ginger flavor is rich and not spicy, blending into the milky fragrance, and the taste is first-class. It also has the effect of chilling blood, beauty and beauty, and relieving cough and sleeping.

Ginger has a stomach, dehumidification, and cold effect, which is very suitable for winter consumption.

In the era of industrialization and commercialization, Jiang Biao milk has also been hand-made and finished brewing.

The correct way to open it is to directly heat the water and stir it for a while, which is very convenient.

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The most detoxified rice is the most nourishing

The most detoxified rice is the most nourishing

Recently, the new rice market, many people rushed to buy early adopters.

Nutrition experts point out that different types of rice have different effects.

It is best to eat rice according to your own needs, so that you can eat delicious and healthy.

  The maternal old man should eat the ordinary rice that was previously used to cook rice, also known as the previous rice or polished rice.

Zuo Xiaoxia, a nutritionist at the Nutrition Department of the 309th Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, said that the previous rice contains essential starches, proteins, traces, vitamins, niacin and calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can provide the nutrients and metabolism needed by the human body.

At the same time, the previous spleen and stomach, supplementing the gas, nourishing yin and fluid, in addition to annoying thirst, solid intestinal diarrhea and other effects, can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, trouble, malnutrition, post-illness and other complications.

The previous rice porridge can be used for health and prolongation. Before the rice porridge, the top layer of porridge oil can replenish and replenish, which is most suitable for patients, maternity and the elderly.

However, diabetic patients should not eat the previous rice porridge.

  Rough rice helps digestion improve constipation For those who are often constipated, slender rice is a good choice.

The so-called flour rice is to remove the rice husk during the secondary milling process.

The protein, trace amount and vitamin content of the crude rice are more than that of the fine white rice. The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer contribute to peristalsis and are effective for stomach diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids and other digestive diseases.

Compared with white rice, nutrients can reduce blood plasma and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

  It is best for young children to eat more black rice. For the little baby who is growing up, black rice is a better choice.

Black rice contains protein, trace, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances, the nutritional value is higher than ordinary rice.

  Zuo Xiaoxia said that regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, convalescent patients and young children, can significantly improve the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system, and is beneficial to children’s bones and brain.The development of the body, leading to the promotion of maternal, physical recovery after the illness.

  In addition, black rice also has the functions of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, nourishing qi and strengthening the body, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, and nourishing the essence and strengthening the phlegm. It is a nourishing good product for anti-aging and nourishing the body.

  Pregnant women should not eat glutinous rice. For those who love beauty, eating glutinous rice and glutinous rice can detoxify and nourish the skin.

According to reports, barley rice is rich in nutrients, contains a variety of amino acids and vitamin B1, glucose and other nutrients, has the effect of water and moisture, spleen and diarrhea, clearing heat and detoxification; beauty effect is very significant, can make the skin smooth, reduce wrinklesIt eliminates pigment spots and has obvious curative effect on facial acne and rough skin. It also has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays.

However, it is precisely because of the above characteristics, dry stool, lack of semen, more urine, pregnant women should not eat glutinous rice.

  Spleen and stomach are not good to eat glutinous rice glutinous rice is also a good detoxification product, glutinous rice contains protein, bismuth, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other nutrients, there are Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing the stomach and spleen, stop diarrhea, detoxificationSuch effects can be used for debilitating stomach pain, stomach and duodenal ulcer, qi deficiency and spontaneous sweating.

  However, experts remind that glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so it is not appropriate to eat too much, especially for the elderly, children, and spleen and stomach.

  Millet porridge is the most nourishing millet containing protein, trace, sugar and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, because it is very easy to be absorbed by the body, it is called “health meter” by nutrition experts.

Xiaomi has the functions of strengthening the spleen and the middle, benefiting the kidney, clearing the heat, and benefiting from urination and relieving the thirst. It is a nutritional rehabilitation product for treating spleen and stomach weakness, physical weakness, impaired blood, postpartum deficiency and loss of appetite.

Millet porridge is a nutritional rehabilitation product that deals with the damage of blood and loss of appetite.

The most basic diet for lung cancer suggests that lung cancer should be prevented like this

The most basic diet for lung cancer suggests that lung cancer should be prevented like this

Lung cancer is a common tumor disease in life, but many people do not know that one of the keys to prevent lung cancer is a reasonable diet, then how to eat can prevent lung cancer?

Here are the basic dietary recommendations for preventing high blood pressure. I believe that it will be helpful to you after reading it.

Dietary advice for preventing lung cancer First, eating apples to prevent infection Apple is a fruit with very high nutritional value. It is a fruit that can reduce our prevention, so if we want to prevent lung cancer, we can eat more apples.

A study published by Finnish researchers shows that eating apples can reduce the risk of lung cancer.

They pointed out that the important anti-oxidant substances produced by the flavonoids contained in apples through metabolism are the primary means to reduce the incidence of diabetes.

Second, vitamin E supplementation to prevent liver disease and eat more foods rich in vitamin E, can effectively prevent the occurrence of lung cancer, smoking patients should also actively quit smoking, the study found that people with high vitamin E content, the probability of suffering from lung diseaseThe average person is 19% lower.

69 years old is a high-risk period for hypertension. For smokers, consider adding an appropriate amount of vitamin E.

Foods rich in vitamin E include sesame, walnut, lean meat, milk, eggs, peanuts, and lettuce.

Third, eating pig liver can also prevent lung cancer. There are many vitamin A in pig liver, and vitamin A has certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, so we usually eat some pig liver in the diet to prevent lung cancer.

Studies have shown that vitamin A has a certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect.

Vitamin A has preventive effects on animal skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

Pork liver contains a large amount of vitamin A, which is as high as 8,700 international units per 100 grams of pig liver.

What vegetables are good for preventing liver?

1, mushroom mushrooms include mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, monkey head mushrooms, etc., mainly containing polysaccharides

Scientific experiments have shown that polysaccharides have immune functions that regulate the “anti-cancer system” of the human body, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer and alleviating the symptoms of cancer patients.

2, asparagus abroad is known as the most ideal health food, listed as one of the world’s top ten famous dishes.

This product contains asparagus, asparagine, aspartic acid and a variety of carcasses and other substances, for high blood pressure, heart disease, heart rate, fatigue, edema, cystitis, dysuria and other symptoms must be effective.

3, eggplant eggplant is sweet, cool, with blood and pain, diuretic detoxification and other effects.

The main contains longanine, the content of which is more than purple pipa, animal experiments prove that this substance can inhibit cancer of the digestive system.

4, carrots and carrots have the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, detoxification and stagnation.

Carotenoids are rarely destroyed at high temperatures and are easily absorbed by the body.

People who smoke for a long time can drink half a cup of raw carrot juice every day and have a good protective effect on the lungs.

5, after the metabolism of sulfurized naphthalene in garlic garlic, it can re-insert excessive peroxidation and anti-mutation, and reduce the risk of tumors caused by the metabolism of the inserted bacteria.

Garlic is better for raw food.

Dry mouth, bloated face, dry stool and other internal heat should not eat more.

6, onion and onion have the effect of sweating and annoying, detoxification and dispersing.

The thiosulfate alkyl group contained in the onion inhibits the proliferating tumor cells.

7, tomatoes have the effect of nourishing yin and turbidity.

Lycopene is a strong antioxidant with anti-oxidative damage and anti-cancer effect.

What nutrients are better for prevention and prevention?

1, vitamin C food smoking can consume a lot of vitamins, reduce its activity, especially the loss of vitamin C in the body, so eat more vitamin C high fruits and vegetables have a certain complement; such as orange, orange, lemon, grapefruit, tomato, cherry, hawthorn, guava, pepper, strawberry, kale, cauliflower, kiwi and so on.

2, vitamin B2 foods such as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, milk, lean meat, spinach, fruit, squid, carrots, mushrooms and so on.

3, selenium-rich foods such as animal liver, seaweed and shrimp.

Because smoking is easy to cause low levels of selenium in human blood, selenium is an irreplaceable trace element for cancer prevention and cancer resistance.

4, cholesterol-lowering food smoking can increase the amount of plasma and trace deposition in the blood vessels, blood supply to the brain is reduced, easy to cause brain atrophy, accelerate brain aging and so on.

Therefore, smokers should eat less fatty acids containing saturated fatty acids in the diet, and increase foods that can reduce or inhibit the inhibition of synthesis, such as milk, fish, soy products, fruits, vegetables and so on.

5, β-carotene-containing foods to replace β-carotene alkaline foods can effectively inhibit smokers’ addiction, and have a certain effect on reducing smoking and quitting smoking.

Foods that do not contain beta-carotene include carrots, spinach, pea sprouts, alfalfa, and peppers.6, alkaline food when the human body fluid is alkaline, can reduce the absorption of nicotine by smokers.

Eat more alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, and soybeans to reduce the absorption rate of nicotine.

At the same time, these alkaline foods can also stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, increase gastrointestinal motility, and avoid the occurrence of multiple common indigestion and bloating in smokers.

Mechanism and effect of massage therapy

Mechanism and effect of massage therapy

Weight loss should take comprehensive measures, first of all should change the unreasonable expected structure, eating habits; followed by physical exercise, the amount of exercise intake is small to large, step by step.

In addition, it can also be combined with massage therapy, which can promote the consumption of body heat and help to lose weight.

Massage the abdomen can increase the energy consumed, promote bowel movements, increase the number of bowel movements, reduce the absorption of nutrients by initialization, and make the excess food nutrients shift from shifting in time. This method is more acceptable than laxatives.

  The traditional medicine of the motherland believes that obesity is caused by unhealthy diet, sedentary and less moving, and seven emotions.

The first cause of a significant increase is the qi deficiency.

Generally mild patients can be asymptomatic, moderate to severe patients have less drowsiness, fatigue and weakness, difficulty in ventilation, and shortness of breath, the skin may have purple lines, sweat, and heat.

Expelling spleen and dampness, qi and phlegm, warm kidney.

Massage and weight loss is a method of weight loss according to the meridian theory in the traditional medicine of the motherland. The benefits are significant and no complications.

Massage weight loss is mainly applied to the local, such as the abdomen, buttocks, limbs, shoulders, etc., using rubbing, pinching, taking and other techniques.

For example, massage the limbs to push, take, shoot and other techniques; in the shoulders, buttocks by pressing, squatting, pushing, taking and other techniques.

Massage can promote metabolism, so that some extra traces are converted into conversion and consumed, thus reducing local slight accumulation.

It is more popular with diabetes and partial weight loss in the limbs.

Massage massage has long been familiar to people. It has the function of dredging meridians, venting blood, adjusting the functions of various organs of the human body, and has the characteristics that can be carried out in the family.

For some people who do not want to show up in the clinic, it is a good strategy to use this method to coordinate the functions of various systems in the body and lose weight and reduce fat.

  Massage reduces the accumulation of aunt’s aunt, speeds up the metabolism and absorption of the aunt, and has a high-speed effect on the digestive system, endocrine system, neurohumoral metabolism, and glucose metabolism.

As long as the symptomatic surgery, soliciting the source, massage will have a corresponding effect on excessive and weight loss.

Aunt’s tissue has few blood vessels in the gap, and the replacement of alternating manual massage can promote the regeneration of capillaries, eliminate the water in the aunt, and accelerate the “liquefaction” and utilization of the aunt’s tissue.

His technique is mainly to push and take.

Abdominal massage mainly uses rubbing, pressing, pinching, taking, combining, dividing, tapping, stabbing and other manipulations.

It can be done for about 10 minutes each time to promote the peristalsis of the intestines, the contraction of the abdominal muscles, and some slight conversion to conversion and consumption.

Regular massage can reduce the accumulation of aunts, but the effect of large abdomen caused by aunt, Cushing’s syndrome is not good.