趁 younger, more sleep, careful, modern, overworked

趁 younger, more sleep, careful, modern, overworked

The word “immune system” was originally remembered from the fearful word “AIDS”, which is “immune system deficiency” in Chinese.

Although I know that the immune system is the guardian of the body, I have never thought that if it causes it, it will lead to such serious consequences.

  Now, the concept of the immune system, or immunity, has been much broader.

Scholars believe that immunity should not only be in terms of physical health, but also include mental health and good mood.

Scientists have discovered that some of the chemical components in body tissues that carry and transmit information are affected by emotions, and that cells function differently under different emotions.

In a short period of time, the decline in immunity makes you more susceptible to small illnesses; in the long run, it can cause the body to become vulnerable to serious diseases such as resistance to medical treatment.

  Relax and organize how the thought immune system works?

  The immune system is the most complex system in our body after the brain.

It helps us resist the invasion of external bacteria and viruses, and protects us from damage when cells inside the body rupture.

  Our skin, nasal mucosa and respiratory mucosa are the first line of defense.

The pathogen can even pass this line of defense, and it will immediately be blocked by B cells in white blood cells.

Antibodies made by B cells will destroy invading bacteria.

At the same time, other white blood cells, such as the T cells we infect, specifically deal with viruses, parasites and cancer cells, which use toxic chemical components to destroy harmful substances, thus ensuring the body’s bacteria.

  Relaxing and organizing your thoughts does not in itself hurt your immune system. What matters is how to cope with stress.

If you put a stress on the budget, you will be better than others.

However, if you are under pressure and feel completely disappointed and helpless, you may be seriously ill.

Through the study of each student who is about to take the exam, the scholars have found that students who regard the test as a beast and a terrible horror, the immune system’s responsiveness is suppressed; on the contrary, the test is used as an opportunity to test the degree of knowledge acquired.Its immune response is strong.

Stress increases the amount of adrenaline and cortisone secreted by the body, and these two hormones can suppress the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

Research by the National Kidney University shows that people under stress are more susceptible to disease, vaccination is weak, and wounds heal more slowly.

  Give yourself some time each night, sit back and forth and think about successful, positive and happy things in the day.

  Try to avoid phrases like “can’t”, “no” or “should not”.

Language is a very powerful tool, and languages that eliminate polar interference can interfere with positive thinking and innovative thinking.

  Firm confidence and live a good day.

Too much worry about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future will give you unwarranted pressure and consume valuable profits.

  Learn to think positively.

You can’t change your thinking activities at night, but you can rethink and face life positively.

Explain the most common Chinese herbal medicines for weight loss

Explain the most common Chinese herbal medicines for weight loss

Perhaps the current body makes ta very unconfident; or ta’s body has not yet achieved the best state, so many people will resolutely choose to lose weight.

However, nowadays, various weight-loss methods are everywhere, and it is difficult for us to choose a safer and more reliable way to lose weight.

There is no side effect of Chinese medicine to lose weight, to some extent, the dieter can be assured.

Here we will introduce the common Chinese herbal medicines for weight loss: Hawthorn Hawthorn, also known as “Mountain Red”, “Rouge”, which has high nutritional and medicinal value.

In addition to fresh food, Hawthorn can be made into hawthorn slices, fruit bark, hawthorn cake, red jam, preserved fruit, hawthorn wine and so on.

Hawthorn and Hawthorn fruit are the most common and popular varieties.

  Cassia Cassia is the mature seed of the cassia cassia, also known as Cassia.

“Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” records cassia seed bitterness and bitterness, returning to the liver, gallbladder, kidney three classics, with clear liver and eyesight, laxative, lipid-lowering function, can be used for dizziness, dizziness, constipation, etc.Chronic clinical use for the treatment of hypertension.

  A fungus that is parasitic on the roots of pine trees, shaped like sweet potato, with a dark brown outer skin and white or pink inside.

Chinese medicine is used as medicine, which has diuretic and sedative effects.

The drug is a dried sclerotium of the Polyporaceae fungus, which is parasitic on the roots of Pinus massoniana or Pinus densiflora.

  Spirulina spirulina is a class of lower plants belonging to the cyanobacteria family.

Like bacteria, they have no real nuclei in cells, so they are also called cyanobacteria.

The cyanobacteria’s cellular structure is primitive and very simple. It is the first photosynthetic organism on Earth and has survived for 35 billion years on this planet.

  The dried tangerine peel is a dry and ripe peel of the citrus plant orange and its cultivar.

The medicinal materials are divided into “Chenpi” and “Guangchenpi”.

Pick ripe fruit, peel off the peel, dry or dry at low temperature.

Sexually bitter, spicy, warm.

Return to the lungs, spleen.

Function qi and spleen, dampness and phlegm.

For the chest fullness, eat less vomiting and diarrhea, cough more.

  The above is a detailed introduction to the Chinese herbal medicine for weight loss. Warm reminder, Chinese medicine can not be lost once and for all. To get the ideal body, we must cooperate with reasonable diet and proper exercise in daily life.

Acupoint massage – new body theory

Acupoint massage – new body theory

Simply dieting requires a lot of perseverance, and once you eat too much, it will cause a nutritional imbalance.

Frequent acupressure, not only can help you resist the temptation of the food, but also accelerate the weight loss process, there is no need to worry about rebounding weight loss.

  Controlling excessive appetite If the method of suppressing appetite is inappropriate, it can cause terrible anorexia.

The method of dialysis acupoints can easily suppress appetite without any danger.

Use your fingers to press the “stomach, spleen, large intestine area” on your palm, or use 5-10 calipers until the palms turn red.

Left and right hands each for 2-3 minutes.

The force should be a little bigger, if it is too gentle, it will promote appetite.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, too many acupuncture points on the human ear are directly connected with the center of the brain to control appetite. Stimulating those acupuncture points can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss.

  Control the neonatal index finger to press the right ear for one minute, and change the left ear to do the same.

  The principle of slimming: When the gastrointestinal tract sends a signal of “I am hungry” to the appetite-suppressing hypothalamus, people will have a desire to eat, and the corresponding acupoints can prevent the signal transmission.

  The doctor’s acupoints “stomach, spleen, and large intestine area” are located directly below the index finger on the palm of the hand and are part of the lifeline.

  Promote the metabolism of feces and water. The “reverse abdominal breathing method” can improve the function of various organs of the internal organs and help burn excess feces and water.

The right hand is down, the left hand is on, and the hands are folded in the position of “Dandian”.

Slowly inhale with your nose while tightening your abdomen. When you reach the limit, spit out the air completely (with your nose or mouth) and then relax your abdomen.

This method can be repeated several times before 5-10 minutes before meals.


Reverse abdominal breathing, taking the station, sitting similar.

Slowly inhale with the nasal cavity, while the abdomen is adducted, the chest is lifted up, the transverse section is moved down, the lungs are full of air and then slowly exhaled. When exhaling, the abdomen slowly swells and gradually returns to its original state.

It takes about 7-9 seconds for each breath and 5-8 minutes for each exercise.


The legs are naturally open, the arms are lifted up and the back is lifted up, the chest is collapsed, and a deep breath is taken, so that the shoulders, back, and waist muscles are stretched, and the state of standing is 3-5 seconds, then the upper body slowlyStand upright and exhale.

When the body feels tired, leave the seat, at least part of it, and feel the body relaxed and stretched.

  The doctor points to the point where the Dantian point is 3-5cm below the navel. When performing the “reverse abdominal breathing method”, always stop the idea at this point.

  Exquisite facial lines In order to prevent your facial curve from becoming bloated or ambiguous, you can try this massage method.

Maybe you have the habit of rubbing your cheeks with your hands, plus the acupressure massage of “Lian Lianquan”, there will be unexpected face-lifting effects.

Hold the index of the index finger and middle finger, hold down the “Lian Lianquan” with your thumb, and gently rub from the lower jaw to the underside of the ear.

At the same time, pay attention to using your fingers to stimulate the “finger car.”

  For people who are prone to swelling and swelling, they often have poor water metabolism. They should strengthen the massage of the acupoints of the urinary system. While moving the feet, kneading the acupuncture points will achieve the desired effect.

Sitting on the floor, straighten your legs, lift one leg, bend and bend the leg, use the middle finger of both hands to insert the “spring” on the foot, exchange the legs, each time 30 times.

  Eliminate the edema of the legs and continue to stand, sit or walk, it will cause fatigue and even swelling of the legs, and stimulate the flying points to relieve symptoms.

And when you have low back pain, get angry, runny nose, and stuffy nose, you can feel more comfortable by stimulating this method.

  Feiyang Point Location: When you touch the bone on the outside of the Achilles tendon and touch the edge of the calf muscle, you will find this point.

Key points: Slightly tilting the blood pressure inward, it will be easier to find this point.

You don’t need to make too much effort when you poke, you can feel comfortable with the strength, you can also use the pen to stimulate the acupuncture points.

  When the doctor points to the Yongquan point, he can bend the toe and put it in the middle of the sole of the foot. There is a place where the recess is in, which is the “spring.”

Stimulating this acupuncture point can improve the function of the kidneys and bladder.

Applause of the soul

Applause of the soul

I often think of a story about applause.

  When I was in the first year of high school, there was a girl in the class called Yingzi, who was quiet and beautiful, but always fell in the corner of the classroom.

Before class, she came to the classroom early. After class, she was always the last one and one left the classroom.

Later, we learned that her leg was disabled because of polio, and she did not want people to see her walking posture.

One day, during the lecture, the teacher asked the students to go to the podium to tell a little story.

When it was the turn of the English speech, more than 40 pairs of eyes in the class went to the corner, and Yingzi immediately lowered his head.

The teacher was just transferred, and I still don’t understand the situation of Yingzi.

  The Englishman hesitated for a while and slowly stood up.

We noticed that the eyes of Yingzi were red.

  Under the watchful eye of the class, Yingzi finally swayed to the podium.

Just at the moment she had just stood, I don’t know who was driving it, and suddenly there was a round of applause, and the applause was warm and lasting.

  The applause gradually subsided, and the English son also set the mood and began to tell a little story about her childhood.

When she finished the lecture, there was another round of applause in the class.

Yingzi politely bowed to the teacher and gave a deep glimpse to the classmates. Then, in the applause, he walked down the stage.

  The strange thing is that since that speech, Yingzi is no longer so depressed. She plays games with her classmates and laughs.

Later, Yingzi’s academic performance has been very good, especially mathematics and physics.

In the second year of high school, she participated in the National Olympic Mathematical Competition on behalf of our school and won the award.

  Three years later, Yingzi was admitted to a university in Beijing.

Later, Yingzi sent me a letter.

“I will never forget the applause, because it made me understand that the students did not discriminate against me.

I should have the courage to face life, and the applause gave me a second life.” I realized why the English became cheerful and lively.

Since then, I have learned to applaud people, especially when others are in a situation.

Applause is a kind of respect and encouragement and affirmation of a life.

Food is more nutritious!

(Recommended for winter health desserts)

Food is more nutritious!
(Recommended for winter health desserts)

There are always a lot of things in the world that seem to be “a natural pair, a perfect match.”

For example, the table is equipped with a chair, the pen is equipped with paper, the green leaves are safflower, and the mobile phone is equipped with a finger

The same is true for food. Many foods don’t look special, but if they are well matched, they are delicious and good for the body.

Today, let’s see how these foods are more nutritious and delicious!

The staple food matching skill 1, the thickness and the mix, the grain and bean mixed food such as two-meter noodle cake (standard powder, one-half of each cornmeal), mung bean millet porridge, sesame paste flower roll, sweet potato porridge.

2, grain and vegetable, the most common combination of grain and fruit is pumpkin rice, carrot rice, if combined with some fruits, such as red dates, lotus seeds, chestnuts or nuts, and even increase the vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids in the staple food,Also meaningful staple food has a flavor.

3, the staple food and wheat with oats, buckwheat, buckwheat and other protein, trace, B vitamins, calcium, zinc and other nutrients are higher than wheat flour, and some ingredients have lipid-lowering and other health effects.

Such as buckwheat, polenta, barley, sorghum rice porridge, buckwheat, home-made cake of standard powder.

4, the food and vegetables with rice is good with vegetarian dishes, such as rapeseed rice.

5, rice noodles mixed with daily supplements using rice, the method of mixed eating is more scientific.

7 common foods with 1, sesame and kelp put them together to cook, can make beauty, anti-aging effect.

Because sesame can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism, linoleic acid has the function of regulating plasma, and vitamin E can prevent aging.

Kelp contains calcium and iodine, which can purify the blood.

Promote the synthesis of thyroxine, the two are combined and the effect is doubled.

2, pig liver with spinach pig liver, spinach have the function of blood, one by one, complement each other, the miraculous effect on the treatment of anemia.

3, beef with potato beef has high nutritional value and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

But the beef is rough, sometimes it destroys the stomach mucosa, and the potatoes are cooked together. Not only is it delicious, but the potatoes are rich in vitamins, which can protect the gastric mucosa.

4, lily with eggs have nourishing yin and moistening, clear heart and soothe the effect, Chinese medicine believes that lily clear water, tonic loss, and egg yolk can remove the annoyance, yin blood, while adding sugar conditioning, the effect is better.

5, mutton with ginger and mutton to make warm Yang, ginger to keep warm and warm, match each other, warm up and warm, but also drive evil, causing cold and abdominal pain.

  6, duck with yam can not only add body water and yin, thus eliminating heat and cough.

The power of yam is stronger, and it is accompanied by duck meat, which can eliminate greasy and better lungs.

 7, meat with garlic as the saying goes: “eat meat without garlic, nutrition halved”, this is a scientific reason, scientifically speaking, meat and garlic should indeed accompany and eat.

The sweet white ear pear soup, which is suitable for winter health, has the reputation of “the crown of bacteria”.

Sexual, sweet, light, non-toxic.

It is not only a valuable nutritious and nourishing product, but also a tonic for strengthening and strengthening.

The same white food, white fungus is more mellow, more suitable for people with cold body or poor stomach than Sydney, and at the same time it is beneficial to clear the intestines.

Of course, it can also be stewed into a white fungus Sydney soup with Sydney.

  Ingredients: white fungus, fresh pear, rock sugar, fruit sand machine, water, wolfberry, walnut, etc. (can be matched).

  Practice: put the white fungus into the container; cut the small pieces into the container; put a large piece of rock sugar into the container; add water into the container; use the fruit sand machine until it is broken; pour into the prepared heating pot and put in the white fungusLet the soup have visible white fungus, after chewing the head; first boil the fire, then slowly simmer on a small fire, about 3 minutes; put the cooked walnuts and peanuts more delicious.

Hawthorn Hawthorn is a sweet and sour appetizing dessert. The entrance has the flavor of hawthorn. The fresh lotus root has a crisp and unforgettable feeling.

The nutritional value of alfalfa is very high. It can ingest trace elements such as iron and calcium. The content of plant protein, vitamins and starch is also very rich. It has obvious replenishing qi and blood and enhances the body’s immunity.

  Ingredients: 1 lotus root, 50 grams of hawthorn, 50 grams of rock sugar, 1 gram of salt.

  Practice: Wash fresh hawthorn, put in the pot, add rock sugar; add 1 cup of water, boil over high heat, boil for 30 minutes or so; in the process of boiling hawthorn, wash the lotus root, peel and cut thin slices;Boil the water, add the scallions and simmer for two minutes; cook the broth until the broth is thick, turn off the heat, add the salt, turn to the hawthorn sauce; remove the scallions and drain the water, let cool, add the cooked hawthorn sauce,Stir well and serve.

Sugar cane red jujube longan sweet soup sugar cane red jujube longan sweet soup, is also a kind of syrup which has the functions of warming up, detoxification and blood.

Recently, sugar cane is on the market, except for the snacks that are hard to bite when eating fruits and snacks. You can leave a combination of glutinous rice, red dates and longan, and cook a pot of cane red dates and longan sweet soup.

These are the most common ingredients, to avoid waste, and cheap and easy to obtain, is a good soup to resist cold, prevent colds, clear away heat and detoxification.  Materials: sugar cane, red dates, longan meat, rock sugar.

  Practice: soak the longan meat, red dates with clear water, and then soften the red dates to cut into small pieces.

The longan meat is washed away with impurities and torn into small pieces.

Sugar cane cut into small pieces.

Add the sugar cane segment, red jujube meat, and longan to a clean pot.

Add all the ingredients without adding water. After boiling, turn to low heat and continue to cook for about 20 minutes. Add the right amount of rock sugar to taste.

Sydney glutinous rice glutinous rice has the function of nourishing blood and nourishing muscles. It is cooked with glutinous rice, white fungus and glutinous rice. It is especially suitable for clearing heat and moistening the lungs when the body is cold in winter.

And use the hollowed out Sydney to make the soup, even if the soup is more authentic, and it is also a particularly pleasing winter dessert!

  Ingredients: 2 Sydney, 1 glutinous rice, glutinous rice, Fritillaria, Citrus, 25 grams of white fungus, cucumber and cherry crushed each.

Rock sugar water.

  Method: Wash the glutinous rice, fritillary, and white fungus separately, put the glutinous rice and the fritillary into the bowl, steam in the steamer, then put the white fungus into the bowl, add water, steam in the steamerCooked.

It was peeled and washed, and cut into small Ding with Fritillaria.

Catch the water into the water, remove it and let it cool.

Wash the diced cucumber.

Wash the pears, cross-cut to 1/5 to cover, use a small spoon to dig the pear meat, steam the shell, and pear the juice to the residue.

Put all the ingredients in the pears.

Mix the squeezed pear juice with mineral water and rock sugar, then pour it into the pear.

Yam purple rice dumplings are rich in antioxidants, and the content of vitamins and minerals is two or three times that of white rice.

Regular consumption of yam can improve the body’s immunity.

Moreover, yam has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney.

The kidney is the congenital, the spleen tube is digested and absorbed by the human body. It is called the essence of the day after tomorrow. The yam will be congenital and acquired at the same time, and it has the most special effect in the foods with the same medicine and food.

  Ingredients: half a catty of fresh yam, 1 cup of red beans, 1 and a half of platycodon grandiflorum, 1 cup of purple glutinous rice, 1 money epimedium, small dumplings and crystal sugar.

  Practice: Wash the yam peeled, cut into small pieces, and soak for about 1 hour with water.

Put the platycodon into the medicine bag, then put it with the red bean and purple glutinous rice in the pot, boil it on high heat, boil it and turn it into a small fire. After cooking, put the yam in the pot and cook for another 5 minutes.Finally, add the right amount of rock sugar and cooked dumplings, you can eat.

Ginger smashed milk and ginger milk tastes sweet and smooth, sweet and slightly spicy, with unique flavor and warm stomach heat.

Ginger flavor is rich and not spicy, blending into the milky fragrance, and the taste is first-class. It also has the effect of chilling blood, beauty and beauty, and relieving cough and sleeping.

Ginger has a stomach, dehumidification, and cold effect, which is very suitable for winter consumption.

In the era of industrialization and commercialization, Jiang Biao milk has also been hand-made and finished brewing.

The correct way to open it is to directly heat the water and stir it for a while, which is very convenient.

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