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What kind of flu vaccine is suitable for the elderly?

What kind of flu vaccine is suitable for the elderly?

Everyone knows that the weather in autumn is changing fast, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It is the peak period of influenza outbreak. The elderly over 60 years old is a high-risk group with more flu, and it is also the recommended group of influenza vaccination.

  However, in the flu vaccine suitable for the elderly, the whole virus vaccine is slightly more protective, but the side reaction is slightly larger, and the subunit vaccine side reaction is slightly smaller, but the protection ability is slightly weaker.

The split vaccine combines the advantages of both, with better protection and safety, and is the most widely used influenza vaccine.

  The flu vaccine is best vaccinated before November, and the southern region is a little late in winter. The transplant will generally extend from January to February in the coming year.

  Xiao Bian recommended: the elderly should take care of antihypertensive drugs for a long time!

How to choose drugs to treat elderly people over the age of 60 is a high-risk group of influenza, and it is also the recommended group for influenza vaccination.

  Among the influenza vaccines suitable for the elderly, the whole virus vaccine is slightly more protective, but the side reaction is slightly larger, and the subunit vaccine side reaction is slightly smaller, but the protection ability is slightly weaker.

  The split vaccine combines the advantages of both, with better protection and safety, and is the most widely used influenza vaccine.

The flu vaccine is best vaccinated before November, and the southern region is a little late in winter. The transplant will generally extend from January to February in the coming year.

愿你不再朋克养生,熬夜伤神,让OPPO R17成为你的夜晚伙伴

愿你不再朋克养生,熬夜伤神,让OPPO R17成为你的夜晚伙伴
朋克养生,作为一种90后独有的标签,意为一边“作死”、一边养生,最显著的例子便是可乐加枸杞。同时上一辈也很难理解90后的难处,搭上90后早班车的那一拨人,现在已经结婚生子,而赶上末班车的那些人,现在依旧还在学习、准备好迎接未来的社会生活。欣赏灯火阑珊、OPPO R17带你发现这座城市的美作为90后的我们,似乎已经习惯了一个人吃饭、生活,似乎自己能够解决一切事情,逐渐的形成了自我保护的铠甲。在每一个夜晚中、面对每一盏灯、涌出的心事与泪水、无人诉说、只有用照片诠释心声。不知道过了几个这样的夜晚,当代90后的摄影技术有了大幅度的增长,手机作为最常见的拍摄器材,他们对于手机拍照的拍照能力也提出了全新的要求。作为刚出道不久就备受宠爱的OPPO R17&R17 Pro,凭借其出色的夜拍能力,受到了众多90后的肯定。 R17照亮夜景、照亮你的内心夜景之所以迷人,究其原因在于它所呈现出的梦幻与神秘,这一场景充分符合90后对于梦想、对于生活、对于自己的追求。同时身为90后的我们,也能够遇见更多有趣的灵魂、遇见更多志同道合的人,虽然生活不易,但还是要有一颗积极向上的心。 即使面对生活的不易,但是想到未来的风景,那些值得你奋斗、为了你爱的人和爱你的人,自然会大胆的迈出自己的脚步。OPPO R17凭借优秀的夜间拍照能力,为你记录下晚间下班所遇见的车水马龙、同时也能记录下为未来奋斗的自己的模样。 与千万人一起、翻过此章,去迎接更好的未来或许你拍摄夜景只是为了记录,因为还没有人可以一起分享。没关系,近期OPPO与新世相联合发起了“1000万人深夜陪伴行动”。仅需关注OPPO社区、回复深夜并分享你的夜拍照片,与他人一起分享你的故事。 同时OPPO还会从参与者中挑选50位用户、送出R17手机一部。凭借R17强悍的AI场景识别与AI超清引擎、一定能够拍摄出更加符合你心中的最美夜景。在这里,你的深夜永不孤单。

False low-fat foods will make you eat more and more fat

False low-fat foods will make you eat more and more fat

Can the low-fat diet really lose weight?

Many people mistakenly believe that the best “good medicine” for low-fat foods to lose weight, but some people are more and more fat.

Xiaobian today unveiled the truth about low-fat weight loss for everyone!

  Low fat, low calorie, which means that many and many are recognized as essential factors for healthy living and weight loss.

But now the latest research shows that low-fat foods can’t help you lose weight, especially women, eating low-fat foods will eat more and more fat.

  Low-fat diet is the most common method of weight loss. Many people in the UK use this method of weight loss. It is said that this method can also reduce the prevalence of heart disease and cancer.

  But the researchers found that the Mediterranean diet is a more effective method.

Using this method to lose weight can be reduced by up to 60%.

  Dr. Ellis of the International Center for Health and Nutrition said that it is clear that no weight loss method is suitable for everyone.

  They said that their main research direction and goal is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of low-fat diet and Mediterranean diet.

  In two years, they studied 322 obese people. Alternatives used a low-fat diet to limit total metastasis. Alternatives used a Mediterranean diet that limited total metastases.The following supplements use a hypoglycemic diet that does not limit total conversion intake.

  The 322 obese people are the staff of the Nuclear Research Center. Under the supervision of spouses and canteen staff, colleagues, etc., they insisted on diet and weight loss. In the process, only a few people withdrew from the study.

  Finally, people with low-fat weight loss lost an average of 6.

5 pounds, the average person who loses weight on the Mediterranean diet loses 10 pounds, and the person who loses weight on low blood sugar loses 10.

3 pounds.

  Porter of the British Dietetic Association said that low-fat diets are generally widely respected because they also control the total amount of absorption and conversion.

No matter what weight loss method, the most basic principle is to reduce the energy of supplement.

In the process of losing weight, the place where you work is the most able to persist. Because of the supervision of colleagues, many people cannot rely on their own perseverance alone.

  Porter said that low-fat diet is generally difficult to stick to, because after a shortened, low-fat diet will make dieters feel that they have no appetite, so it is difficult to stick to it.

  As early as a month ago, the British Medical Journal reported that the loss of cancer in the Mediterranean can reduce the risk of cancer by more than 10%.

Moreover, the chance of suffering from heart disease will also be much lower.

  The most suitable diet for women and men is also different.

Men need more carbohydrates, while women need more protein.

  The nutrition required for men and women is very different, but our diet is completely similar, which may be caused by our taste and preference for food.

  Related introduction: The Mediterranean diet “Mediterranean diet” refers to the southern European countries on the Mediterranean coast, such as Greece, Spain, France and southern Italy. The food style is mainly composed of vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, beans and olive oil.
  The research data has repeatedly shown that people in the Mediterranean region have a greater chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, colon cancer, rectal cancer and other rich diseases than other European and American countries.

Even in the United States, the situation of those who adopt the “Mediterranean diet” approach fully confirms this.

It can be seen that the health of the diet is implied, for example, high in cellulose, high in vitamins, low in fat, and low in content.

Those people can’t eat 枸杞

Those people can’t eat 枸杞

Gardenia is a commonly used nutritious and nourishing product. It is also used as a tonic for medicine and food. There are many ways to eat it.

It is commonly used in the folks for its porridge, simmering, soaking or compatible with other drugs.

What is it?

  Nutrition and nourishing good products: 枸杞枸杞 whole body is treasure, Ming Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Spring picking leaves, famous Tiancao grass; Xia Caihua, famous long grass; autumn picking, name scorpion; winter roots, famous landBone skin.”

The leaves, flowers and roots of the dragonfly are also the finest food supplements.

Modern medical research has shown that it contains carotene, betaine, vitamin A, and vitamin B1.

Vitamin B2.

Vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., have increased leukocyte activity, promote the pharmacological effects of hepatocyte regeneration, and lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and blood lipids.

  You can take it all year round. You should make tea in summer, but it is better to drink in the afternoon, which can improve your body and help you sleep.

However, it should be noted that tea should not be matched with green tea. It is suitable for soaking with Gongju, honeysuckle, fat sea and rock sugar. It is especially suitable for computer families with excessive eyes.

In the winter, it is suitable for porridge. It can be mixed with various congee products. The stewed lamb is also very suitable for winter consumption.

  6Retire aging and other 6 best effects Modern research, scorpion has lower blood sugar, anti-micro liver effect, and can resist atherosclerosis.

In addition, the scorpion is also used to help the body, improve the essence of the marrow, nourish yin and kidney, benefit Qi and soothe the nerves, strengthen the body, delay the aging of medicine, chronic hepatitis, central retinitis, optic atrophy and other effects; anti-tumor, liver protection, blood pressure reduction, and elderly diseases with degeneration of the elderly have a strong improvement.


anti aging.

Since ancient times, Scorpion has been the top grade for nourishing and supporting people. It has the effect of prolonging the decline and resisting the old, so it is also known as “the old man.”

The content of vitamin C in sorghum is higher than that of orange, the content of β-carotene is higher than that of carrot, and the iron content is higher than that of steak.



The aphrodisiac function that is pressurized is ecstatic.


Whitening and beauty.

For women, eating cockroaches can also play the role of whitening and beauty.

Live the liver and improve eyesight.

It is sweet and mellow, and it has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing liver and clearing the eye. It is often used together with rehmannia, chrysanthemum, yam, hawthorn and other medicines.


Make up the essence.

The whole body is a treasure, the scorpion can make up the essence, used as medicine or tea, soak wine, stew, if you can often add, to strengthen your body.


Cancer suppression and cancer prevention.

It has a significant inhibitory effect on in vitro plasma and can be used to prevent the diffusion of nanofibers and enhance the immune function of the human body.

  How much does it take for a donkey to eat a day?

  Although it has a good nourishing and therapeutic effect.

Do not overdose any tonics, and you are no exception.

First of all, it is more suitable for healthy adults to eat about 20 grams per day. If you want to try the treatment, it is best to eat about 30 grams per day.

10 grams: eyesight; 15 grams: kidney; 30 grams: lose weight.

  Who can’t eat dumplings?

  Appropriate people: The most suitable for eating is the person with weak constitution and poor resistance, but you must eat a little every day and stick to it for a long time to be effective.
  Discomfort people: Because it is very warm, the body is very strong, it is a fever, the body has inflammation, people with diarrhea should not eat.
In addition, people with high blood pressure, high temperament, temperament, or a large amount of meat on a regular basis may cause it to be red.

The elderly use computers to be unforgettable

The elderly use computers to be unforgettable

Recently, the number of patients attending ophthalmology hospitals has increased. Sometimes, too many of them are elderly people over the age of 60. Most of them prefer to use computers on weekdays.

Director Li of the hospital ophthalmology introduced that some elderly people face the monitor and often forget to get up and exercise, forget to drink water, and sit for a few hours.

  The children installed computers for some elderly people. The knights usually contact the old people for video, and they can let the elderly spend their spare time.

Some older people and adolescents are beginning to “fascination” with the Internet.

Some elderly people face the monitor, often forgetting to get up and exercise, forget to drink water, sit for hours.
Over time, the glare of the display shines and the flickering of the picture, as well as the alternate rotation and excessive tension of the eyeball during operation, causing eye acidity, eye swelling and eye fatigue, and even decreased vision, especially in the elderly, the eye function may be induced.Other serious eye diseases.

In addition, the operation is full of attention, long-term maintenance of a posture, will lead to body aches, emotional irritability, etc., unconsciously suffering from computer syndrome.

  Because the elderly have degraded some functions, they should arrange the time of using the computer reasonably; keep a certain distance from the monitor in front of the monitor, maintain a good sitting posture, and be conscious of blinking; start to get up every time you sit.

Eat more vitamin-rich foods and drink plenty of water while operating the computer to help eliminate toxins from the body.

When you feel unwell, you should see a doctor in time.

Acupoint massage – new body theory

Acupoint massage – new body theory

Simply dieting requires a lot of perseverance, and once you eat too much, it will cause a nutritional imbalance.

Frequent acupressure, not only can help you resist the temptation of the food, but also accelerate the weight loss process, there is no need to worry about rebounding weight loss.

  Controlling excessive appetite If the method of suppressing appetite is inappropriate, it can cause terrible anorexia.

The method of dialysis acupoints can easily suppress appetite without any danger.

Use your fingers to press the “stomach, spleen, large intestine area” on your palm, or use 5-10 calipers until the palms turn red.

Left and right hands each for 2-3 minutes.

The force should be a little bigger, if it is too gentle, it will promote appetite.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, too many acupuncture points on the human ear are directly connected with the center of the brain to control appetite. Stimulating those acupuncture points can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss.

  Control the neonatal index finger to press the right ear for one minute, and change the left ear to do the same.

  The principle of slimming: When the gastrointestinal tract sends a signal of “I am hungry” to the appetite-suppressing hypothalamus, people will have a desire to eat, and the corresponding acupoints can prevent the signal transmission.

  The doctor’s acupoints “stomach, spleen, and large intestine area” are located directly below the index finger on the palm of the hand and are part of the lifeline.

  Promote the metabolism of feces and water. The “reverse abdominal breathing method” can improve the function of various organs of the internal organs and help burn excess feces and water.

The right hand is down, the left hand is on, and the hands are folded in the position of “Dandian”.

Slowly inhale with your nose while tightening your abdomen. When you reach the limit, spit out the air completely (with your nose or mouth) and then relax your abdomen.

This method can be repeated several times before 5-10 minutes before meals.


Reverse abdominal breathing, taking the station, sitting similar.

Slowly inhale with the nasal cavity, while the abdomen is adducted, the chest is lifted up, the transverse section is moved down, the lungs are full of air and then slowly exhaled. When exhaling, the abdomen slowly swells and gradually returns to its original state.

It takes about 7-9 seconds for each breath and 5-8 minutes for each exercise.


The legs are naturally open, the arms are lifted up and the back is lifted up, the chest is collapsed, and a deep breath is taken, so that the shoulders, back, and waist muscles are stretched, and the state of standing is 3-5 seconds, then the upper body slowlyStand upright and exhale.

When the body feels tired, leave the seat, at least part of it, and feel the body relaxed and stretched.

  The doctor points to the point where the Dantian point is 3-5cm below the navel. When performing the “reverse abdominal breathing method”, always stop the idea at this point.

  Exquisite facial lines In order to prevent your facial curve from becoming bloated or ambiguous, you can try this massage method.

Maybe you have the habit of rubbing your cheeks with your hands, plus the acupressure massage of “Lian Lianquan”, there will be unexpected face-lifting effects.

Hold the index of the index finger and middle finger, hold down the “Lian Lianquan” with your thumb, and gently rub from the lower jaw to the underside of the ear.

At the same time, pay attention to using your fingers to stimulate the “finger car.”

  For people who are prone to swelling and swelling, they often have poor water metabolism. They should strengthen the massage of the acupoints of the urinary system. While moving the feet, kneading the acupuncture points will achieve the desired effect.

Sitting on the floor, straighten your legs, lift one leg, bend and bend the leg, use the middle finger of both hands to insert the “spring” on the foot, exchange the legs, each time 30 times.

  Eliminate the edema of the legs and continue to stand, sit or walk, it will cause fatigue and even swelling of the legs, and stimulate the flying points to relieve symptoms.

And when you have low back pain, get angry, runny nose, and stuffy nose, you can feel more comfortable by stimulating this method.

  Feiyang Point Location: When you touch the bone on the outside of the Achilles tendon and touch the edge of the calf muscle, you will find this point.

Key points: Slightly tilting the blood pressure inward, it will be easier to find this point.

You don’t need to make too much effort when you poke, you can feel comfortable with the strength, you can also use the pen to stimulate the acupuncture points.

  When the doctor points to the Yongquan point, he can bend the toe and put it in the middle of the sole of the foot. There is a place where the recess is in, which is the “spring.”

Stimulating this acupuncture point can improve the function of the kidneys and bladder.

Test: You are most suitable for some weight loss methods

Test: You are most suitable for some weight loss methods

Do you have the urge to lose weight all the time?

Is there always a friend who is thinner than you, so that you want to slim down and scare her?

Have you tried a lot of weight loss methods, but they have never been effective?

In fact, everyone’s physical condition and personality preferences are different, and does not hinder the choice of a more suitable method.

Let’s test what weight loss method you are suitable for!


Drink 8 glasses of water a day, will you strictly follow this?

  Yes → 3 No → 2 2.

Are you afraid of water, is there any painful experience to look back?

  Yes → 3 No → 4 3.

Can you bear the temptation of food?

  Yes → 4 No → 5 4.

Are you working and learning the usual mess?

  Yes → 5 No → 6 → 5.

Do you think it is more important to whiten or lose weight?

  Whitening → 7 weight loss → 6 6.

Are you part of your body part going to lose excess meat?

  Yes → 7 No → 8 → 7.

Is your overall weight higher than the normal height of the same height?

  Yes → 9 No → 8 → 8.

Is it because people often say that you are fat and want to lose weight?

  Yes → 10 No → 9 → 9.

Do you consider the body factor when you choose clothes?

  Yes → 11 No → 10 10

do you like sports?

  Yes → Type C No → 11 11. Does your body drink plenty of water and is prone to edema?

  Yes → 12 No → E type 12, for your own words, is your ability to act?

  Yes → 13 No → A type 13, often people say that you are very sexy and very woman?

  Yes → Type B No → Type D Result Analysis: Type A: Drink plenty of water, and you will be full if you can’t eat anything.

Eight cups of water a day is for daily hydration. What if you want to lose weight but want to eat?

That is to drink water when you are hungry, drink a lot of water every time you want to eat, so the stomach will not be empty, of course, will not feel hungry!

This simple method, usually do not have to remember, do not require a certain time limit, a small matter for you!

But remember, you should pay attention to nutrition every day!

Eat some vitamins and vitamins to keep it!

  Type B: Yoga to lose weight.

Like you do this seriously, people who can stick to the end, the most suitable for you is to exercise to lose weight, YOGA’s weight loss is to consume your slight consumption in the process of exercise, but YOGA is also concerned about the peace of mindIn the process of integrating the human body, one person quietly meditates alone, not only is the release of stress on your work and study, but also the burning of the guy in the process of slowly understanding your body. Why not?

And YOGA also has a partial weight loss method, so learn from the teacher!

  Type C: Swimming.In fact, you are not very fat, you must get your favorite things, there is no limit to wearing clothes, but some people say that you are fatter than her!

Or some local parts have a little extra meat, so go swimming, when the whole person is soaking in the water, the process of swimming is actually shaping the whole body!

People who swim often can’t exercise muscles, and the thin place is thin and long meat, so go swimming often this summer!

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

  Type D: fruits and vegetables.

For those who don’t like sports, adjusting your menu while eating may give your weight an unexpected effect!

Especially for some of my own fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, oranges, cucumbers, etc., can maintain the body’s various vitamins and trace elements and help whiten.

Eat more fruits and vegetables when you eat normally, eat less meat or try not to eat, fill your stomach with a little bit of rice, so the weight will naturally drop!

However, you can’t steal snacks!

  Type E: Acupoint massage and slimming.

This kind of weight loss method is actually full of new styles. It is especially suitable for people like you who are more prone to edema, and who are not very good at sports and usually very busy, but usually in places like beauty salons or tutors.Methodology, so the first time I try to go home and learn something, usually for the excess meat on the arms and legs, according to the specific acupoints, you can grab, beat, step, etc. until the soreness, perfectionThe body is the result of hard work!

To Come!

10 minutes before going to bed to make you healthy and beautiful

10 minutes before going to bed to make you healthy and beautiful

The skin lingers in the daytime cosmetics, sunlight, dirty air and radiation, and finally can breathe at night.

What should you do for your skin in advance for 8 hours after falling asleep?

Simple 3 steps before going to bed, let your skin care get twice the result with half the effort.

The metabolism of the human body is carried out all the time, for the body to burn and change, to maintain the normal operation of the body.

The skin’s metabolism is most active from 10:00 to 2:00 in the evening, and nighttime is also the most active time for skin “toxins”. If you can grasp these hours intelligently, the metabolism at night will become heavy.The fascinating secret weapon, “Sleeping Beauty” was born like this!

  Beautiful people teach you, simple maintenance before going to bed 3 steps: 1.

Cleaning must be timely and thoroughly cleansing the face makeup, this is the first step in bedtime skin care.


Moisturizing Facial Moisturizing Before going to sleep, apply a mineral-containing toner to the whole body and combine it with moisturizing effect. If the skin is very dry, it can be sprayed several times.

After the toner, it is the night cream.

Night cream can also be used in conjunction with serum to ensure that the skin can be repaired and reborn at night.

  Lip moisturizing removes the dead skin of the lips first. In addition to using a matte lip balm, some original methods can also be used.

For example, gently rubbing the sugar on the lips, or rubbing the lips with a toothbrush while brushing your teeth, will effectively remove the dead skin, and then apply lip balm before you can sleep.


Nursing facial treatments Before going to bed, make your face firm and firm!

The easiest way is to gently pat the face after applying the toner, so that the facial muscles can fully jump and restore elasticity.

  Eye Care Eyes are thin and most prone to serious age, such as fine lines and dark circles, so eye cream and eye mask are indispensable.

  Engaging in nursing is the most delicate form of exposure for women because it will sell your age.

Therefore, you should use a moisturizing lotion or cream to massage instead, causing complications to absorb nutrients.

Be careful to gently massage when applying lotion, try to show your gentle side!

Otherwise it will be a coincidence.

  Long hair straight hair before going to bed, apply a conditioner that doesn’t need to be cleaned, apply a fine massage, and have a hairy hair in the morning.

  Curls let the hair dry naturally before going to bed, loosely tie the hair roots with a ribbon, and just comb it slightly in the morning, the hair will be fluffy and full.

  Special reminder: 1.

Good sleep is a prerequisite for skin care. Try to reduce staying up late, fall asleep between 10 and 12 o’clock, and grasp the golden time of skin renewal.


People who are prone to insomnia do not hinder the consumption of milk before going to bed, because of the decaying nerves contained in milk.

Applause of the soul

Applause of the soul

I often think of a story about applause.

  When I was in the first year of high school, there was a girl in the class called Yingzi, who was quiet and beautiful, but always fell in the corner of the classroom.

Before class, she came to the classroom early. After class, she was always the last one and one left the classroom.

Later, we learned that her leg was disabled because of polio, and she did not want people to see her walking posture.

One day, during the lecture, the teacher asked the students to go to the podium to tell a little story.

When it was the turn of the English speech, more than 40 pairs of eyes in the class went to the corner, and Yingzi immediately lowered his head.

The teacher was just transferred, and I still don’t understand the situation of Yingzi.

  The Englishman hesitated for a while and slowly stood up.

We noticed that the eyes of Yingzi were red.

  Under the watchful eye of the class, Yingzi finally swayed to the podium.

Just at the moment she had just stood, I don’t know who was driving it, and suddenly there was a round of applause, and the applause was warm and lasting.

  The applause gradually subsided, and the English son also set the mood and began to tell a little story about her childhood.

When she finished the lecture, there was another round of applause in the class.

Yingzi politely bowed to the teacher and gave a deep glimpse to the classmates. Then, in the applause, he walked down the stage.

  The strange thing is that since that speech, Yingzi is no longer so depressed. She plays games with her classmates and laughs.

Later, Yingzi’s academic performance has been very good, especially mathematics and physics.

In the second year of high school, she participated in the National Olympic Mathematical Competition on behalf of our school and won the award.

  Three years later, Yingzi was admitted to a university in Beijing.

Later, Yingzi sent me a letter.

“I will never forget the applause, because it made me understand that the students did not discriminate against me.

I should have the courage to face life, and the applause gave me a second life.” I realized why the English became cheerful and lively.

Since then, I have learned to applaud people, especially when others are in a situation.

Applause is a kind of respect and encouragement and affirmation of a life.

What is the specific effect of regular massage of Qihai?

What is the specific effect of regular massage of Qihai?

The gas sea hole is located in our lower abdomen position, which is about 1 below the belly button.

5 inches or so.

Qihai points have a very important role in health, especially to promote women’s health.

So what are the specific effects of this acupuncture point?

Next, I will introduce you to the common effects: warm body Chinese medicine believes that Qihai is an important warm acupuncture point for the human body.

Therefore, if the body appears cold or cold in the limbs, you can massage the Qihai point, which can warm the whole body well.

Treatment of gynecological diseases often massages Qihai points, which has a good therapeutic effect on some gynecological diseases of women, such as irregular menstruation or dysmenorrhea, which can be well relieved.

Massage Qihai can relieve the discomfort of the body very well. Women can massage during menstruation, which can effectively prevent dysmenorrhea.

Strong body gas sea hole is a major point in the human body. Frequent massage of this position can strengthen the body well, and at the same time, it can effectively improve the body’s immunity and resistance, and reduce the possibility of suffering from diseases.

Parents who regularly give this position to their children can make their children develop healthier.