What is the most beneficial for spring diet?

What is the most beneficial for spring diet?

What is the most beneficial for spring diet?

Spring diet should raise Yang: Yang refers to the human body yang, which refers to the function of the human body.

  It is necessary to eat some food that moisturizes and supplements the body’s yang, so that the body’s yang can be enriched. Only in this way can the body’s resistance be increased and the evil spirits based on wind and evil be attacked on the human body. Therefore, some special odors are recommended in life.Foods such as leeks, garlic, and onions.

  The leeks are evergreen all year round and are available for human consumption all year round. However, it is best to eat spring leeks, causing people to often say: “Amaranth spring food, summer food smell.

“Spring climate is different, it needs to raise yang, and the amaranth is warm, the most suitable for human yang, the motherland medicine also believes that the human liver gas is prone to spring, which affects the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, can enhance the spleen and stomach of the human body.From this point of view, it is most suitable to eat leeks in the spring. Because the leeks are not easy to digest, they have to eat too much at a time.

  Garlic: Eat more garlic in spring, in addition to because of its temperature, it can also supplement the body’s yang, and it also has a strong bactericidal power, which has a certain effect on the cold caused by bacteria, so spring should eat more garlic, garlic alsoIt has the effects of promoting metabolism, increasing appetite, and preventing atherosclerosis and hypertension.

  Onions: Eat more green onions in the spring, which can not only supplement the yang, but also contain the bactericidal effect of onion and garlic.

Eating more onions can induce blood cells to produce interferon, enhance the body’s immune function, and improve anti-cancer ability.